Today you are Executive Pastry Chef, Chocolatier with vast experience (21 years) working in production kitchens, Michelin Starred Restaurant and teacher for culinary schools; located in Singapore . Back to the start of your career; what drove you to become a pastry chef?

I was a bout scout and cooking in the forest with a wood fire make the dishes nice flavour nice texture I loved it, so I joined the culinary school. However during my study, I worked in a pastry shop and there I decided to become a pastry chef.


How would you describe your todays specialisation as a chef pastry chef?

I worked for my master Chef Emanuele Saracino; one on the TOP ten pastry Chef in Italy. My specialisation are Chocolate French and Italian pastry gelato,  which he thought me all about.


More than 10 years ago you moved as pastry chef to Singapore. What was your first impression of the Singaporean pastry “business”?

Singapore is great country for F&B.


You are member of the Associazione Spaghettitaliani. What is this chef organisation doing?

Spaghetti Italiani is an association for Italian Chefs, where we share ideas. I am also part of the Italian association of Singapore and as well member of CIM Chef Italiani Nel Mondo, an association where Chefs, F&B, sommelier etc are connected to share experiences worldwide.


Starting with Dr. Oetker and Unigra, you worked as master pastry chef for food companies. What was the reason for this step? 

To become a technical adviser and make my name stronger in Asia.


In 2016 you worked as senior instructor pastry and bakery at the AS-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy in Singapore. Was this school international oriented or more Asian?

It is more an international cooking school with some Asian classes,  done of course by Asian cooking teachers.


Apart from the classic courses you gave; did you teach as well some new trends and innovative recipes…. ?

Yes I trained the pastry students in the new trends of pastry and coached them for international pastry chef competitions.


Today you are the Senior Research and Development Engineer (Pastry Chef) of Ferrero in Singapore. Since Ferrero is an Italien company; do you feel “more home”

FERRERO is the company! Ferrero is Italian and love work for this company I’m proud to be Italian!


Can you tell us some of your work/ responsibilities as R&D Engineer (Pastry Chef) at Ferrero?

Sorry; it is private and confidential.


Where do you get your inspirations/ innovations for this pastry job from?

Form every where at any time; this is a job that never ends!


Can you share some of you your special creations you offer today as pastry chef?

I’m Italian I work in Asia….. European pastry with a twist of Asia.


Lots of chefs dream about/ open their own restaurants. Which dreams does a pastry chef/ you have?

Mmmmmm I can’t say to public! If I do my dreams can’t get true…

Or like a military if I tell you I need to kill you hahahahaha! I have few dreams of course the first is to open my shop!