“La Reina Del Plata” is the name of the cocktail that the city of Buenos Aires has created during The Cocktail Week, organized by the Tourism Office, to honor the tourists and locals. It is elegant, with fruity aromas, herbaceous, powerful alcohol, and with a certain amount of personality, which each bartender has contributed to this fantastic invention.


Three top professionals from the sector were summoned, such as Flavia Arroyo, head bartender at Casa Cavia; Sebastián García, from Presidente Bar, one of the most renowned bars in the world and Guillermo Blumenkamp, founder of the iconic Doppelgänger bar, to capture the essence of Buenos Aires in a glass.


According to the creators, the name “La Reina Del Plata” represents Buenos Aires as a mysterious woman “because in its immensity you lose yourself, because it is seductive, chaotic, indecipherable” and they add “because it has those broad avenues and, at the same time, it has narrow and diagonal streets, and all that versatility of routes “.


It is served in a Martini glass this combination of Gin, Vermouth, Cider and pear spirit. Will it be the next national drink of Buenos Aires origin?


La Reina del Plata cocktail - Credit Turismo Buenos Aires
La Reina del Plata cocktail – Credit Turismo Buenos Aires


We leave below this wonderful recipe:



“La Reina de la Plata” is made with national products.

  • 45ml of Gin Hilbing de Malbec
  • 22.5 ml of clarified green apple juice.
  • 15 ml of Christalino Black River pear spirit
  • 7.5 ml of dry vermouth
  • Complete with 22.5 ml of Pülku Cider



Pour the gin, the apple juice, the pear spirit and the vermouth and put them in the cocktail shaker with ice.

Shake it energetically with musical rhythm, and strain. Discard the ice and serve in the glass. Previously, the cold cider should already be served.

For this drink, it is recommended to enjoy it in a vintage Martini glass, cooled with ice.


For cocktail garnish:

Put lemon skin cut in curl shape, and pierce it with an olive stuffed with pepper on a toothpick.

Finish with 3 drops of brine on the surface of the drink.

Where to order it in Buenos Aires?

Presidente Bar: Av. Pres. Manuel Quintana 188

Doppelgänger: Av. Juan de Garay 500

Casa Cavia: Cavia 2985