An elegant fusion of contemporary French and classic South East Asian cuisine – Michelin-starred Stephane Gortina, Executive Chef at The Restaurant at The Legian Seminyak, Bali, brings his enviable and inspiring international experience to his menu at this beachside dining hotspot.

Chef Stephane began his culinary career in his native country, France, working in Michelin-starred restaurants including Moulin de l’Abbaye in Brantôme and Restaurant Michel Chabran in Pont-de-l’Isère. He then worked with Alain Ducasse at Le Louis XV at l’Hôtel de Paris in Monaco and later moved to Alain Ducasse’s restaurants in Japan, Russia, UK, Qatar and Mauritius, where he gained valuable resort experience at the renowned Le Saint Géran. Before moving to Bali, Chef Stephane was Executive Chef at the Michelin-starred Restaurant Rech by Alain Ducasse in the Intercontinental Hong Kong for five years.


We chat to Chef Stephane about his international experience, what he learned from Alain Ducasse, and where he now gets to spend his breaks.


You have worked with some of the biggest names in the culinary world –what were some of the most important things you learned while working with Alain Ducasse? 

I learned from him that the first mission is to satisfy the guest, by giving them the best possible experience, providing the best possible dining atmosphere, the best service, and of course the best food. I also learned that details are important – from the selection of ingredients, to how to season them well and how to cook them perfectly. By nailing all of this down, guests will leave feeling satisfied and they will remember us!


How has cooking in so many different countries around the world influenced your cooking? 

Inspiration comes very naturally when I travel; you can learn different techniques, discover different ingredients, be inspired by the local culture and apply it all to your own cooking.


How would you describe your cooking style now? 

Simplicity. Using the best produce without many ingredients.


With all your experience working around the world, do you find that there are cultural differences in the kitchen in different countries? 

Each kitchen is different, in terms of produce, technique and the way people work. It really opens your eyes to get to know the differences as it pushes you to think differently about the food you are creating.


What has it been like moving from the big city of Hong Kong to the beach in Bali? 

Of course it’s different but I can’t complain one bit about living in Bali – I get to go to the beach during my breaks!


Do you ever struggle to find ingredients in Bali? How many of your ingredients are you able to source locally? 

Bali is rich in terms of ingredients and we source 90% of our produce locally. Some of the ingredients that are not available here we do have to source from abroad. As a chef, we just have to adapt to the available ingredients and make the best food we can out of it.


What is the dining scene in Bali like?

There are plenty of dining options in Bali, with a variety of concepts catering to different guests. Being a holiday destination island, every year travellers come in with high expectations for their dining experiences. As a chef, you have to be knowledgeable in the restaurant industry to satisfy the guests who come expecting a lot.


Thank you, Chef Stephane, and enjoy your breaks on the beach. We’re jealous! Do you want to see more of his work? Check out his new recipe.


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