We have met Sean Dent for an interview. He is an executive chef at Drago Culinary Productions. Read here.

Your life is cooking; when did you recognise the first time the passion for this great job? 

When I travel to work in Switzerland and saw how cooking allows you to eat well and be exposed to different cultures.

Which cooking school did you visit first and what was the most essential learning out of this time for you as a chef and you as a person? 

I did my cooking school at ryde college of Tafe in Sydney Australia. International cooking and cusinie as australia is was a young country still looking for its own identity.

Quite at the begging of your carer you worked as Sous Chef with Famed Chef Ludovic Lefebvre. How is your memory at this time, and what did you learn from Ludovic, which still is part of your todays work?

Ludovic worked for some of frances greatest chefs and this was a hugh attraction for me, hes passion and standards for quialty were very high and his expections were just as high for me his sous chef, it was a lot of fun.

In LA your worked as Executive Sous Chef at the big houses such as JW Marriott, The Beverly Hilton, The InterContinetal Los Angeles. What have been your persona learning as a chef out of this time in such big and famous places?

Th JW Marriott was a great hotel to open, it was right down the street from the Santa Monicas farmers market with incrediable produce that we could go source and taste, The Beverly Hilton was an Iconic Property were I had the responsiblity to create Circa 55 restaurant and I over helped oversee a food and beverage revenue of $18 millon as my kitchen produced food for roomservice, the spa, pool and lounges in the hotel, it was a very busy operation. The Inter Continetal I worked with a french chef called Vincent Cachot who worked for Joel robouchon and other great french chefs, it was fun place to cook.

Did you have enough space for your own creativity?

I had a look of space for creativity at all properties, espically Circa 55 where I was impowered by ownership.

In 2007 you worked as Executive Chef at the topa tower club, a private club in LA. Do you have more freedom as a chef in a private club?

It was a city club that was was very driven by the food program, I had a GM how let me create a very aggrisive food program and I worked with a lot of local farmers to soruce items that were very seasonal.

What have been your master dishes menues in that time? 

Very farm to table driven, a lot of tasting menus.

In 2010 you worked as Executive chef for the LifeWorks Restaurant Group at Google Santa Monica. This concept work on great food creation at work (cantina/ catering of the new century). What is new in this business? 

Google was coporate food service that was designed to create the healist eating food program for employees, it was a very aggrsive food program based on the international staff that were very involued and driven by what they were eating.

What makes it so special?

Being pushed to push my knowledge of food and culture.

The clients are open minds young people from all over the world. As a chef, what is on your list/ how do you satisfy is international expectation from so many cultures at one place?   

Be open to converstaion and learning, we can always learn and egos create barriers not great food, which represnts cultures.

“Out of the office cooking” and welcome to the “party cooking” as Executive chef at the House of Blues, the ultimate night out at the famous sunset stripe, with great food and live concerts. Apart from the classic food, which was on the menu, which you dished you offered at that time? 

I offered a lot of southern ispired items to match the culture and histroy of the house of blues.

From 2015 up until today you work as Executive chef at Drago culinary Productions. What are your main customers/ quest and what are you specialties you offer?

Drago culianry productions is Italian and iternational driven cusine that is guided by interations with the customer to provide a whole dining experince in the space of the Petersen Automovie mesume in Los ANGELES ALSO IN PRIVATE HOUSES THROUGH OUT Los Angeles

You are still working as consulting and quest chef in LA. What are the latest trends among the chefs/ kitchen in LA today? 

Yes I still consult and the trends are really the same great quialty afforadle food that is health driven.

Supply of ingredients; the big issue elsewhere. What are the latest trends in LA; urban farming…?

Supplies in LA are never an issue, with some of the best produce in the world and its international distonation you can pretty much find what ever you need with the right vendors.

LA; still in mind for many chefs to spend some time here. Is there still a chance for a foreign chef to succeed/ survive😊 with a small specialised restaurant in LA?

La is getting a lot of star powered chefs coming in and setting up restaurants, but LA is very driven by what the customer whats, its a very fickle city where your hot for a little and then whats the next thing.

Did you ever thought about your own restaurant?

No I dont want my own restaurant, unless its attached to a small hotel that I own.

High quality street food in LA; any new trend out of this segment?

I the street food trend is slowly slowing down, the trucks are Ok, but people are starting to understand the prices are not much cheaper than a restaurant.

After so much experience you have; can you summarise your todays culinary line in one sentences?

Its not a job but a lifestyle that can be fun and challange all at the same time.

Any place in the world you would like to spend/ learn some weeks about the local kitchen?

Spain, Italy, croatia, mongaloia, every where as you learn a culture and see the real people.

Thank you for your time.