Russell Le Comte is an experienced Australian pastry chef. Read here everything you need to know about the Australian cuisine. An exciting report.


You are an experienced Australian Pastry Chef. After different pastry positions and places, today you work as head pastry chef in Melbourn, Victoria, Australia. How did your pastry career started?

I started my career as a chef apprentice.  But after several years the pull of the pastry kitchen was to strong.  I change over to working pastry and started training further in the feild.


Where does your fascination for the pastry comes from?

I have always had a sweet tooth.  I guess now I can satisfy that interest in my day to day career.



Which culinary school did you visit?

I trained in New Zealand before coming to Australia.  I trained at bot UCOL and WELTEC.  While in Australia I have trained several times at Savour patisserie school in Melbourne.


How would you describe the Australian pastry best?

An interesting mix of traditional European pastry and more modern ideas, combining with asian influences.


What does modern Australian pastry mean?

Modern pastry in Australia is influenced by a melting pot of ideas from traditional sources and more modern cuisine sources.  As well as more recent interests in indigenous foods and resources.


What are the new developments/ trends Australians pastry scene?

A move towards the inclusion of native ingredients which have been harvested from traditional sources.  As well as more influence from younger European Pastry chef with more creative ideas.


How would you describe your culinary line today?

I would like to think my current offering is more refined.  With influence from many sources and well as different styles.


What are some of the less known spices you us for you pastry creations? 

I am a fan of using herbs in my pastry creations.  Thyme with berries is great as well as rosemary with citrus.



Lots of pastry chefs need sometimes salt to sharpen their taste. What do you use? 

Salt is an essential for pastry as well as small amounts of vinegar.


Any place in the world you would like to work as pastry chef one day in the future?

I would like to visit Tokyo and spend time in some of the pastry shops there.  The quality of the workmanship and passion for pastry is outstanding.


Thank you Russell.


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