“Consultant for institutions around the world, I went through New York for the opening of a concept Kosher and Pareve and now here I am manager for the opening of a French pastry bakery in Los Angeles: Pitchoun Bakery.” We have met him. Read here.


You are a French pastry chef in the USA. What motivated you to work in the USA?

I worked for 20 years in France, I tried, all the possibility, pastry shop, restaurant, my own business, I love new challenge and when the opportunity came for NYC, I jumped on it.

What was your first culinary impression?

I started in NYC, this place is amazing, a fabulous melting pot of origin, an infinity number of possibility, the big apple is the place for the universal taste.


The USA is so large, with so many different regions and cuisines. You worked at the east and west coast. What is the major differend in the East and West coast pastry?

The west is totally mind open to every style of cook, for the East is on the way but hard, they are old school, and need time to discover and like.


How did your experiences as pastry chef in the USA influence your style today?

The real challenge was the product, everything is different here; I needed to review all my recipe and adjust them.



What do you offer at Pitchoun Bakery?

We offer all the products you can find in a french bakery.


Which trends/ new developments you see at California’s culinary scenery, and especially at the pastry?

I think we are going to modern pastry, more like in Europe, less sugar, less color, less aditive, more tasty.



Many chefs worldwide would like to work in the USA and have a career as a chef. Do you have any good advice?

The immigration sytem is very complex for me the most important is the documentation, you need to be present on the social media, part of contest and participe to food manifestation.


Thank you so much Romuald!