Romain Gourmoud has already proven himself in the upscale kitchen with stations such as two Michelin-starred restaurant La Rotonde and Léon in Lyon, France. Today, he passes on his years of accumulated experience.

The desire to become a chef is within reach, even an IT guy can become a top chef when the French Chef Romain teaches him.


Romain Gourmoud – Cuisine Chef Instructor at Ferrières School


Chef Romain, you are an experienced French Chef & Formateur with various excellent experiences in the fine cuisine. How did your career as a Chef begin? Why did you become a chef?

I started cooking thanks to my family history: from my father side, we use to have Family Auberge. Love of food and French tradition also gave me to start in this industry. I started my career in Lyon (home city) in a 2 macarons Michelin restaurant (Leon de Lyon) with Chef Joseph Viola.


Which culinary school did you attend first?

I started at Jehanne de France in Lyon.


At the beginning of your career, you worked as a demi-chef de partie in the 2 Michelin stars restaurant Leon de Lyon. How did this time affect you as a cook today?

It gave me the rigor and the love of cooking.




Your time as Chef de Partie in the 2 Michelin-starred restaurant La Rotonde (Casino Le Lyon Vert) under Monsieur Philippe Gauvreau – What did you learn the most?

I learned a lot about the modern kitchen with Mediterranean taste and it helped me a lot to develop my cookery.


You worked as an Instructor de Cuisine for 2 years at the prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse in France. How do you feel when you look back on these days?

It is part of my best memories! Thanks to Chef Alain Lecosec, I have learned to share my experiences and passion with the students.



After several well-known places in the culinary world of France, you now work as Chef de Cuisine & Formateur for FERRIERES, Ecole de l’Excellence à la Française in Paris. What is this job about? What is your culinary setup?

My profession is about teaching people who want to change careers (for example: an IT guy who wants to become a chef) and teach them the basics of French fine dining to help them get on with their chef career. I also work closely with Chef Patrick Juhel (Executive Chef of Ferrierres – MOF).


Traditional French cuisine with a modern twist – which of your creations would best describe it?

I love to cook French basics that have a modern twist with spices and vegetables/herbs and/or oils. In my view, the modern twist is to dress a plate that maintains the tradition of the main course.


How would you describe your culinary style today?

Traditional cooking, paired with a modern touch.



French cuisine is constantly evolving. Where do you see it today?

Back to the basics keeping worldwide vision.


With so many inspiring influences from outside, what will French cuisine look like in the coming years?

French basics that take into account the local products and seasons.


What are some of your special cooking techniques? 

Vegetables cooking.


Do you use lesser-known spices in your kitchen?

Thanks to my various trips abroad, I like to cook with different spices and chili peppers, thanks to my wife, who grew up with spicy food.


And lesser-known vegetables?

Yes, vegetables from Asia, Brazil, Maghreb and “old vegetables”.


Can you share some of your latest recipes with us?

As winter season started: Joue de Boeuf braisé au senteur asiatique.


If you wrote your own culinary book; what would it be about?

Traditionally cooking with French values.



Where do you get your inspiration for new creations?

Books, travels, social networks and family.


Many foreign chefs are interested in working in Paris. What are the chances of finding a job as a cook in Paris?

There are many possibilities, as Paris is constantly changing and picking up new influences. It is a place for everyone!


Any place in the world you would like to work as a chef one day? (international job offers)

Lisbon and Japan … and of course Lyon, the city of French cuisine and the city of my childhood. (laughs)


Thank you very much, Chef Romain!


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