You reached the award of culinary excellence Europe raising star (Marriott international). What was the key for this success? A special dish/ menu?

I was in Belarus with no Russian language base and we were the number one hotel in Belarus , I was the one who set the trands of international desserts and pastries in minks Belarus . Had really good guest satisfaction & constant positive feedback.

You learned to become a pastry chef in Pune, west India. Which school did you visit there?

Well I have done two years of my bakery and confectionery course from Food craft institute Pune. Its government culinary school & after that I enrolled my self in to three years of hotel management course (which covers all the aspect of hotel business like kitchen ,f&b service ,house keeping, front office and all the rest )
From Dr. D.Y Patil institute of hotel Management and catering technology, pune india.

Pune itself is has already 3,5 million people and the state Maharashtra over 115 million people. Ones you participated in the Chef Competition at the Maharashtra state. How does such Chef Competition work in India? Do you know the task before?

Well I have participated in many pastry / bakery compilations here in India which are on national level among which I have won gold medal twice in different bread making and plated dessert categories.
This compitatins are held once a year all over India.

India has such a variety of different regional a classical pastry creation. You as a young chef: What modern Indian pastry creations do you create/ offer?
I believe & my style of baking/cooking is combining different flavours & textures together.
Once I have won the 1st price in one of the pastry compitation where I made beetroot jelabi with vermacile pudding.

At the Marriott Mumbai, you worked as Sous Chef Pastry. Did you offer a combination of local Indian and international pastry’s?

Yes certainly, Indian market is very perticuler about there own regional cuisine therefore not only in marriott but in all the rest hotel it’s very much necessary to offer and prepare range of local sweets & pastries along with international choices in fact we all have special separate Indian sweet kitchen called halwai and some very popular and all time favourite local sweets are Gulabjamun, rasmalai,jelabi etc…

With the Marriott you moved as Executive Pastry Chef to Doha, Qatar. The middle east; another world of pastry. What was new for you?

Well it was really great ,new & challanging project for me as it’s completely different market & more over its multi cultureler market , infact it was not very deficult for me to get use to local sweets as I had previous experience working with people who has great Middle East experience but at the same time it was my 1st international work exposure dealing with different nationalities,my team was with 7diffrent nationalities.
Although it’s very competitive market therefore you need to be on top of the game every moment there no scope for mistake & keeping your self relaxed you need to be upto date with market every minute, haveing said that the good thing is that everything that you need is available with the suppliers and infact you have a choice to choose , you get to use best of best brand products to give you best .
Nevertheless though I was new & youngest manger /pastry chef in the market I manage to get manager of the quarter award from

Almost 4 years, you are now working as Executive Pastry Chef in Minsk, Belarus. From you chefs/ pastry point of view: how is Belarus?

Well, it’s was again different world experience for me because I join here in pre opening project, I must say it was way challanging for me here in Belarus then Middle East as I had language barrier I didn’t know the single world for Russian language when I landed here but now I can confidently handle my Russian/Belarusian team. Belarus is very young hotel market not many international hotel, most recently couple of them are come. Very nice people very cooperative.
Quality of dairy product is really good but not all well known brands are available so far but I believe as the market will grow everything will be in place as it takes time
This job really build confidence in me as I get to deal with all of high profile & deplomatice guests
I take pride to be a preopening chef for this hotel .
FYI. I have recently left from minsk Renaissance for better prospects.
Most recently I was in Baku fairmont for 1month taskforece and will be joining there as a Executive pastry chef from February 2018

In sense of the pastry incriminates, which one have been new for you in Belarus?
Belarus is knows for there local honey cake & nepolian cake this two are most popular pastries in Belarus & ofcource new to me too.
Though Belarus is not EU, its still Europe therefor they have very high western (European ) influences in there leaving and eating habits along with there local cuisine ,Europe cuisine is very much popular here among the local community.

What are your today special/ master pastry pieces/ receipts?
The most recently I have created a tort , I call it deconstructed /reconstructed almond lemon meringue tort & another thing that I would like to mention is Something I have been making from last 6 years regardless of places/hotel is muscli bar which is very much liked everywhere

  • I have been to Germany for advance bakery and pastry cource
  • during my collage I was been awarded as best out going student of the year (Dr.D.Y.Patil institute of hotel management and catering technology Pune India)
  • I was been oppointed to judge inter collage cooking compitaion in Mumbai held me Rezvi hotel management collage, Mumbai, India.
  • I have won gold medal in a Indian bakery compitaion.
  • I have won 1st prize in plated dessert catagery held by khana khazana Tv chinel in Westin hotel Mumbai,India .