Philippe Roth, French private chef in London and his Japanese, French Fusion Cuisine. Read his amazing story.


Today you work as a private chef in London, born in La Lorraine and raised in Yvelines, France. Where does your passion for cooking come from?

My grandmother was a very good cook and she gave me that passion.


Early in your chef career your worked in 2 different Michelin Star restaurants. How did this time still influence your work as chef today?

When you worked in some prestigious place you are always looking for perfection. How can I improve the dishes for example…


In Japan you spent a year as a cooking trainer in a French restaurant. Apart from your love of French cuisine, are you also in love with Japanese cuisine?

At that time no. It was a very long time ago. We were teaching them some French food.


After working as head chef at a five-star hotel in Luxembourg, you moved to London, where you worked in various restaurants and as a private chef today. What fascinates you to work as a chef in London?

London has got so many good places to eat and very good chef too.


After spending time with your own catering department at a prestigious law firm in London; you entered the Private Chef business in London. What fascinates you about working as a private chef?

To be a private chef is more exciting because you see and talk to your customers. It is always challenging because you never know where you are going.



You are known for your combination of Eastern flavors and fine French cuisine. Which dish/recipe describes it best?

This is an difficult question. Most dishes has been done. You just do it your own ways.


Does your Japanese, French fusion go back to your time as a chef in Japan?

No, I took a lot of classes and live the flavours and combination of dishes.


Do you have standard sets of menus you offer your clients?

Yes, I have. But most of the time I talk to my clients and see what they are looking for.


How do you handle the wine recommendations; as you are a chef and not a sommelier?

I know some basic but I work with wine suppliers and they can always advice me if needed.


How often do you change the menus?

I tried to do often as I can.


As a private chef – what kind of feature became your favorite: special dinners, parties, cooking classes…?

Private dinner are fun. You are meeting interesting people and he doesn’t see sometimes you are working.


You invite your quests to your stylish London apartment and cook with them there. Who are your typical quests?

Anyone really.



There are many positive aspects of working as a private chef. What are the negative ones?

Carry heavy coolers bags are the worse.


Are you sometimes missing the colleagues/the kitchen team?

Yes, you do sometimes.


Where do you get your inspiration for new creations?

Eating out, books or internet.


Hand on heart – have you ever messed it up and made private cooking events; where your customers had different expectations?

No, I have been doing this for a while and all my customers have been very happy.


For a restaurant, the regional aspect of food supply became more important. Are some of your quests also interested in where the ingredients come from?

Some people, yes. I have all my supplier who deliveries in my home.


You do also offer Master Chef’ cooking lessons at people’s home. What are your experiences with it?

I have done much of this recently but I enjoy teaching. I did more when I was working in Law firm.


Do you also have London tourists among your guests?

Not that much.


Guests in a restaurant can sometimes be complicated. Does that also apply to your private quests? Do you enjoy the luxury of choosing your guests?

It does happened, too. But this is a part of your job.


Is there an “evergreen” dish that you can always serve and that your customers always love?

Salmon Ponzu Dressing.


If you have clients who often book you – do you also create new menus for them?

Yes, I always tried to find something new.


Because you are dedicated to Asia and especially to Japan – Have you ever considered offering your service in Japan? Asia for a dedicated time; like a pop-up restaurant?

No, I never tough of that yet.


 If you had time to write your own cookbook, what would it be about?

Healthy food for healthy life style.


Thank you Philippe Roth!