Petro Gudzovatyi – from electronic engineer to Sushi Chef.


Today you are Head Sushi Chef in Poland. Your first profession was electronic engineer. What drove you to become a chef?

My mother was a Chef and my Dad was a electric engineer.

And I was in love with both professions. From the time when I reached 5 I was helping my mom  at the kitchen, and I just liked it. I also liked electronics and mathematics. So I was studying electric engineering for 3 years, and I found out that it was not my profession. I found a job as Sushi and Pizza maker in the Ukraine; even I didn’t know what it means to be a Sushi Chef. 😁😁

After 2 weeks of training my trainer left his position for a vacation; and me alone in a restaurant with 100 seats, 34 types of pizza, 80 types of Sushi rolls.. and even more on the menu.

What a crazy time for a young chef! But I managed to survived and started to love this chef job.

After 1 year I moved to other places . I started cooking Ukrainian and Italian food. Once I even was working as a Baker. Awesome time. Love to bake some breads even now. That smells! And flavor of a just baked bread!



You worked as a sous chef / sushi chef in a Japanese restaurant in Abu Dhabi. How was the time for you?

After couple of restaurants and hotels I got a job offer from the new Japanese concept in UAE. And it was time, which change everything in my life. I understand that Japanese cuisine is really my. All about this minimalism but so complicated at the same time! Flavors! Freshness!

After 2 really amazing years in Abu Dhabi I decided to live the country and got a offer as a sushi chef in Dom Sushi in Poland! Another type of restaurant. Another people! After half one year I became Head Sushi Chef. And until till today I am doing my best for the our quests.

As Shushi chef I offer lots of different dishes and also Kaitenzushi.  As Shushi Chef I work with 20 different types of fish and seafood and as well Ramen. Yakisoba, Soba, Udon and Sukiyaki. For a Sushi we don’t have a fixed menu. You a coming to a sushi bar, taking your seats and just tell Sushi Chef what do you want! Traditional one or fusion. Raw or cooked or maybe tempura. Or just let us decided what you’ll eat, and we will do some Omakase for you.


Japanese cuisine is often very simple, fresh and based on quality ingredients. As a sushi chef – Where do you get your ingredients from?

We a receiving items from over the world, and we are always double checking and finding some better offers and quality of them. Most important things is rice, nori and fish.


Can you share some of your latest creations/specialties that you offer as a Sushi Chef?

Now I’m trying to cook traditional Japanese Sushi with little fusion point (flavour).


If you could choose a country in the world where you would take a sushi chef position for a while, where would it be?

Maybe ones I’ll try my to get a job in US! But now I’m her. I do and will do my best!