In Peru, the “National Potato Day” is celebrated every May 30. This year, in the Department of Huancavelica, located in the central Andean highlands of the country, was chosen by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MINAGRI) to host the meeting of all tuber producers from the most important regions such as Junín, Ayacucho, Cerro de Pasco, Ancash, Apurímac and Huánuco.


Visiting this potato festival is quite a sight, because it allows you to contemplate the thousands of varieties of native potatoes that you have probably never seen in life, but they do exist in Peru, as in this area where more than 1500 different ones are registered. Although they were not fully present because there are known about 4000 varieties, we noted hundreds of them, whimsical shapes and colors: blue, yellow, black, red. It is a millenary inheritance from the ancestors that have been preserved over the years, by the farmers themselves.


The fair is located in The Main Square of Huancavelica, where stands have been placed on the sides of the square with a main stage. There are three sections, two of them with the potato producers of the different regions of the country, which, in addition to having them on display, are also for sale to the public. And in the third section, were the most recognized local restaurants offering dishes and desserts, as well as other booths, offering liquor, drinks and sweets, based on native potatoes.



Nowadays, the Regional Government of Huancavelica has the agenda to promote the region as an area of organic products, so subsequently they will be introduced to the international market. Although there is already an example of success, on the part of native potatoes producers’ cooperative that has managed to export potato chips to Europe.