Bas Meerveld a famous Patissier from the Netherlands have told us in an interview more about his job. You can read it here.

Where did you learn the Pâtisserie job?

The base in several restaurants, in addition themselves recipes and improved, I may in a situation work where every week new patisserie become expected, so I skills of mind and developing desserts improve.

You call yourself desert designer: what is the difference to the classic Pâtisserie job?

I’m my experience can you can you by certain way of presentation the guest commit to a certain taste combination to eat, visually the guest must already amazes stand and than should the flavours still come. I think the guest in this way more than once may let enjoy a dessert.

What is your job at the Rabobank?

I’m a head-chef of an internal restaurant of Rabobank.

Can you tell us something about the specialisation of your work? What are the latest trends in Pâtisserie general and especially in the Nederland’s?

I think the heavy desserts of previously less appreciated, I think trends especially with light digestible food, certain acids heavily and you can buy shapes from the wholesaler nowadays to get your presentation optimized.

Nederlands Pâtisserie: are there any specialties which are just found in the your country? Maybe Pâtisserie as private chef service?

Absolutely, I think the patisserie is very trendy, people always want to know more about it.

Within the Pâtisserie is there also an influence from Asia?

For sure, think of the beautiful citrus fruits they have there, Buddha finger, finger lime , yuzu for example, that can help the dessert to a higher level.

If you would open your own small business/ store/ restaurant how would be the concept?

Price / quality ratio must be right, everyone must be welcome whit surprisingly good food for an affordable price, fresh appearance of both interior and food.

Local and regional is the big issue in the kitchen: does it has as well any impact within the Pâtisserie?
I work with very nice fruit from our region, think of the strawberries and raspberries, but also good different types of apples that are easy to get so you have a an honest story to the guest.

In your opinion; what will be the new big trend within the Patissier?

Sorcery at the table, floating desserts , products spontaneously at the table come to life, different temperatures on the plate.

Bas Meerveld – thank you very much for your time!