Neil Rohitha international japanese chef.

When did you know to become a chef?

Since 1995 I am a Chef.

Which cooking school did you visit?

The Ceylon Hotels School.

Today you are Chef De Cuisine at Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. What is your culinary line today?

My way is to introduce the latest Japanese food world.

Early at your career as a chef, you started your specialization as Japanese chef in different restaurants all over the word. What did fascinate you at the Japanese kitchen?

The pureness an freshness of the Japanese kitchen.

Your job as Japanese chef brought you to restaurants around the world (Kuwait, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Tokyo, Maldives, Qatar..). Did you keep your Japanese cooking style the same in these different countries; or was there a need to adjust it locally?

When I was working in those countries, Japanese food was equally distributed. Only sometimes used to make some minor changes.

Japanese kitchen/ dishes/ restaurants.. are very traditional with limited innovation. With your chef experiences abroad, did you develop some of your own creations/ Japanese dishes?

I have created great traditional and innovative Japanese dishes.

Can you share some of your actual recipes with us?

Miso soup recipes:

  • Miso paste 15g
  • Stock water 60 m/l
  • Dashi 10g
  • Spring onion 15g
  • Wakame 50g
  • Tofu 20g

Any place in the world you have not been so far as chef; and you would like to take a job?

Yes! I am ready to work anywhere in the world as a chef.