Today we present Jérémy Biasiol’s remarkable career. He once dreamed of earning a Michelin star. We met him in Offenburg, where he has worked as a head chef since August. 

He was born in Lyon, a bastion of gastronomical greatness and town of the bouchon (a typical Lyon restaurant). Jérémy confirmed that he was already interested in cooking from a young age. He never wondered what his dream job might be, because his path had already been mapped out. “I wasn’t a bad student, but school bored me intensely. In year 10 I had to complete an internship at a business of my choice. I did this in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Lyon. From then on, I already knew the direction I wanted to take. I finished my training at a Lycée Hôtelier in order to do my dream job.”


Jérémy believes that getting a coveted Michelin star for your own restaurant all boils down to ambition. This attitude has always distinguished his work, right from the early days of his career. “Alongside my training, I would apply to the most prestigious restaurants asking to do unpaid internships in the summer. I took the Guide Rouge (Michelin Guide) and systematically wrote to the restaurants that had stars.” This brought Jérémy into contact with Michelin-starred chefs like Georges Blanc and Alain Ducasse. His dedication and willingness allowed him to complete an internship at the restaurant Georges Blanc in Vonnas, which holds three Michelin stars.

Having completed his training, Jérémy started his career directly with Alain Ducasse in Paris. This marked the beginning of his wide-ranging experience at some of the world’s best restaurants. From Paris to New York, from Monaco to London: Jérémy spent 10 years working for the Ducasse network. The Ducasse in New York was awarded its third Michelin star with him as sous-chef – just a year after he began working there. What else can you do as a chef after working in such luxurious locations? As is about to become clear, Jérémy’s ambitions were far from achieved.


Leading a millionaire lifestyle in New York for two-and-a-half years without being a real millionaire sounds like something out of a novel, or might remind you of the incredible story of Christophe Rocancourt, a French conman who spent years living life as part of US high society in the 1980s. Nevertheless, our head chef even got to enjoy this unbelievable experience. Through the numerous contacts he made with Ducasse, he met a millionaire who was looking for a private chef. Helicopter rides, travelling all over the world – those two-and-a-half years were an unforgettable experience for Jérémy, albeit one that eventually started to become monotonous, as he revealed to us.


As a passionate chef in the world’s best Michelin-starred establishments, Jérémy ended up in Hong Kong in 2008 and began working as a cooking teacher. “A friend told me that Hong Kong was looking for teachers for a cookery school. My experience with Ducasse meant that every door was open to me. They accepted me fifteen minutes after I applied.” Jérémy began to enjoy his experience as a cooking teacher. He emphasised how different it was to work as a teacher compared to life as a chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant. “In a gourmet kitchen, it’s noisy and there’s a lot of complaining. There’s no room for time and patience. As a cooking teacher, you have to take the time to explain everything thoroughly. That was very exciting. I was also shown a lot of respect. People in Hong Kong appreciate being taught by renowned chefs and are hungry for knowledge.”


In 2010 he found himself longing for new challenges. After years in employment, he finally opened his own restaurant together with a business partner. Success wasn’t a long time coming: He was awarded his first Michelin star in 2011, and even became Hong Kong’s youngest Michelin-starred chef to boot. “I’ve been collecting Michelin Guides since the age of 14,” he explained. “It was always my goal to be awarded a star of my own. Having said that, one star is by no means my goal in life. It’s a bit like winning a bronze medal at the Olympics. You still want to achieve gold.”


After having to give up his restaurant because of an astronomical increase in rent, Jérémy worked as head chef at a hotel in Shanghai. This year he decided to return to Europe. In August he unpacked his bags at a hotel restaurant in Offenburg, Germany. His plan there – surprise, surprise – is to earn a Michelin star. But why return to Europe after his long journey around the world? Well, Jérémy is also busy preparing for the competition Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France). Recognition there would be another feather in his already impressive cap, and perfectly matches his determination to conquer new stars.