The most beautiful way to get to know a place is to visit its market, it is the spirit of the community, it is to know the locals, to get closer to their products, their food, their customs. It is a mandatory stop if we want to connect with the city.


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has four markets: Puerto, Vegueta, Altavista and Central. There is a spectacular variety of fruits such as loquats, papayas, guavas, tunos and the famous Canarian bananas and a great diversity of potatoes, tomatoes, among others.


The local fish are called la vieja and cherne and high quality meats like marinated pork, cabrito, black pig, among others to prepare the typical stews.


And very local products: the gofio, the artisan cheeses and the green and red mojos. As always accompanied by their potatoes.


Puerto Market

From a common market, it became the first modern gastro-market on the islands, has an infrastructure with design of the Eiffel firm of architects, wrought iron dating from 1891 and in 1994, it was remodeled. The offer starts from the traditional to the international such as Japanese or Scandinavian cuisine, all accompanied by live music.

Location: Calle Albareda, 76

Puerto Market - Credit " "
Puerto Market – Credit “ “


Vegueta Market


Vegueta is the market with the longest history of the Canary Islands, the oldest dating back to the 19th century. Being in its buildings is like teleporting back in time. It is also famous for its bites  on Thursdays and the color palette that shows the immensity of fruit species on the island. Aromas, flavors and a lot of atmosphere, which attracts the public on Saturdays and Sundays.

Location: Mendizabal Street, 1

Vegueta Market - Credit " "
Vegueta Market – Credit “ “


Central Market

They call it Central because this market was born to be the island’s main food distribution center. Currently, it is the largest market in the city, has two floors and a shopping center. In its basements there are cold storage rooms and a car park. It coexists at its side with large fashion chains and next to the Port.

Location: Calle Galicia, 24

Central Market - Credit " "
Central Market – Credit “ “


Altavista Market

It is the most popular market of Ciudad Alta, with an environment surrounded by the gulf. It is a jewel that is kept alive over the years, the merchants,owners of the stands have been transferred by family inheritance and very loyal customers continue buying there. The fresh and high quality products and its exceptional gastronomic offer.

Location: Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez, 45

Mercado de Altavista - Credit " "
Altavista Market – Credit “ “


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