Executive Chef Marcos Scorza, from Argentina working in Norway with focus on the new nordic cuisine. We have met him for an interview.

Tell us something about your time when you started at the cooking school. How long did you learn and what was your first impressions?

I started my studies to become a chef after I tried to be a professional football player. I was at the chef school for 2 years and my first impression was that this work isn’t an easy one. And when I was in my first semester of studies I had to work in the restaurant in my town. I was traveling every day 60 km to go to the school and then back to work. It was a very hard time.

Did you like the it right at the beginning?

Yes, I love the restaurant life! It was very hard, but worth it. Long working hours, stressful, but discovering everyday something new, products, flavors.

Nordic Cuisine

What brought you to Norway?

I was working in Chile at this time, when I got the offer to come to Norway. Chile was my real base, I had the opportunity to work with one of the best chef in Latin America at this time, Giancarlo Mazzarelli, so I was learning a lot, but my aim was to come to work in Europe. When I got the offer to come to Tromsø, I didn’t doubt. I took my opportunity to see a new world.

What was your first impression of the Norway kitchen? 

I came early 2007, so movement of the new Nordic cuisine was already started with Noma in CPH, so my frist impression was great, using local ingredients and develop all this new flavors. I was amazed with all this.

What is the big trend in the Norway kitchen?

Continue the development of the new nordic cuisine, trying to use only local ingredients and use the forest as a garden, trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible, trying to use everything from the animal and having a lot of respect for the product.

How did the Norway kitchen changed of the last years?

Every year the Norwegian cuisine is in a development, many new young chef are coming out with a new great ideas, new techniques. I’m very impressed with the development over the last years. It’s awesome to be a part of this flow.

Executive Chef Marcos O. Scorza

What are the main differences between the Norway and Sweden kitchen? 

Not a big difference between all Scandinavia. They all are very similar, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Is there as well any Asian influence in the Norway kitchen?

Not much, but yes we have influences from all over the world, the vikings were very well known travelers, so you can find a lot of spices in the Norwegian kitchen.

How is the teamwork in the kitchen different in Norway to your previous stations? 

If  I compare with another kitchen in the world I will say, that here is more quite, not too much talking, like in South America, but more perfectionist.

Italian Food in Norway: Can it be as good as in Italy with the local flavoured ingrediencies? 

No, Italian food is good in Italy from my point of view. The flour is not the same, the eggs are different, the water is different. So what I want to say is that Italian food is first of all a good / right products. Here we have focus in a Nordic cuisine.

Are there any Norway restaurants outside Norway?  

I hear that yes, where a lot of Norwegian tourists are like in Spain or in Turkey. But I have no idea how good they are, and what kind of cuisine they are doing.

Thank you for the interview.