Chef Manfred began his culinary career in his native country of Austria and following in neighboring Gstaad, Switzerland and France. Cooking in Michelin- starred restaurants including, “Au Crocodile”, in Strasbourg Alsace under Emile Jung.

His long culinary journey continued at the “Operakaellaren” in Stockholm, Sweden under Werner Voegeli,

” Sea Goddess” Yacht Cruise line, Intercontinental Hotels in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Miami, Florida,

“ Reid’s Palace” Hotel  Madeira Island, “Okura Hotel” in Tokyo, Japan, Conrad Hilton Hotel Punta del Este,

“The Bellagio “Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, “The London” Hotel in West Hollywood and Private Clubs in Los Angeles, California and Naples, Florida.


Manfred, tell us something about your way.

I’m from a very small village of only about 800 people, and I was the second youngest of seven children.  My mother Theresia was a great cook and had a garden filled with dozens of different kinds of vegetables. She enlisted my help from an early age. My childhood was essentially a lesson in what ingredients are supposed to taste like, and how to prepare them correctly.


How would you describe your cooking style now? 

Modern / classic with an innovative, artful presentation, mindful of culinary trends, simplicity by using the best product. “Excellent food starts with fresh, high-quality ingredients grown and produced with integrity.”



How would you describe the member/guest expectations differing from working in a Private Club dining sector vs. public restaurant or commercial hotels?

The Vintage Club is one of the United States most prestigious and ultra-exclusive private country club communities. Comprised of a remarkable membership, many have earned lifetime achievement awards within their profession, and yet remain modest and low-key about their accomplishments.  Going into our 40th   anniversary many members have called The Vintage Club their home for decades.

I’ve found that the main difference between working in the private club dining sector vs. public restaurants and commercial hotels is the importance in acquainting myself with every member in order to provide service with the utmost personal attention and “commitment to excellence”. The expectations of our members are a world-class dining experience with a variety of menu choices and frequent changes to menus to keep a diverse food culture fresh.


Thank you Manfred for your time! We wish you continued success.

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Tucked into a natural cove at the base of Eisenhower Mountain in Indian Wells, California is the majestic Vintage Club – one of the United States’ most prestigious and ultra-exclusive private country club communities. Highly regarded as the pinnacle among its peers, The Vintage Club has come to set the standard for which other country club communities aspire to achieve.

The Vintage Club has been honored as the number 1 club in California and the 3rd most prestigious private country club in the country. Platinum Clubs of America awards the top 5% of Private Clubs in the United States with this recognition.