If you are going to travel to Mallorca, the dream of many tourists to enjoy the sun and its beautiful beaches, you have to try the five essentials of this land, some of them, under the Denomination of Origin and others with Protected Geographical Indication, marked by the Mediterranean tradition. We talk about the ensaimada, the almond, the oil, the sobrasada and the wine. If you don’t try them, it is like you have not been to the island.



The icon of the island, the queen of the bread rolls. The ensaimada is a sweet dough that is rolled in a circular way, from two to several turns making the effect of a spiral. Its firm and crunchy texture is pleasant to enjoy as a dessert or snack. The classic ensaimadas are without filling or filled with angel hair, and the most modern ones are filled with pastry cream or chocolate. And on top of that, it is sprinkled with icing sugar. We leave the names of the most representative ovens in Palma: “Fornet de la Soca” or “Forn Fondo”.




The almond of Mallorca is very famous, it has a Protected Geographical Indication, that is, these almonds are grown on the island. It can be consumed raw or toasted, made in desserts such as the popular turron cakes, like almond ice cream, or cakes with French and local touches like the gató, being also the basis of many sauces.


Olive oil

The olive trees that grow in Palma have Denomination of Origin, they are millenarian, they populate the island from the time of the Phoenicians and Greeks. This variety is called empeltre or Mallorcan, and it is characterized by its delicacy on the palate and its almond flavor, characteristic of the area. Other varieties are picual and arbequina.



The wines of Mallorca are good companions of an evening out, they are unique and very recognized nationally and internationally. We have the Mantonegro, Callet and Fogoneu red grapes, and the blancas Moll or Prensal Blanca. In addition, in recent years, efforts have been made to rescue varieties such as the precious Malvasía.




It is a sausage of cured pork seasoned with paprika, that’s why its red color, pepper and salt. It can also be found in the form of a paste without stuffing and without curing. It is delicious to spread on bread but it is also used as an ingredient in several recipes such as “arròs brut”. This jewel has a special characteristic and flavor because it is born from an autochthonous breed of pork “el porc negre mallorquí”, which is fed with cereals, legumes and figs, 90 days before being slaughtered. Therefore, it also has the Protected Geographical Indication. A delicate and delicious sausage for the most demanding palates.



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