Luis Ricardo Macieira – Sous Chef at „Die Küche im Kraftwerk“.


Why did you decide to become a chef?

What motivated me in the kitchen was my father, he took me every weekend to the restaurants where he worked. Since I was 7 years old … the smells that circulated in the air of food, the environment and the respect they had for him, so much so that when teachers came to school who tasted his food right in the middle of the class they said ‘Ricardo’ your father has hands of gold makes a Cod with cream …. divine could you ask for the recipe and bring? For me it was a Uauuuu of satisfaction .. and pity that nowadays it is very difficult for me to replicate the same smells and tastes since the world is different from the tired earth and does not produce the same flavors from 25 years ago for example.



What have been your memories of the first years as chef?

My few memories go through the professional stage in which the 2nd person who contributed the most to what I am today was a deceased boss that I keep in my heart Sr. Augusto from the restaurant “A Grelha” firm wrist good fork and very calm for correcting mistakes and teaching everything he knew .. or giving up was not part of his vocabulary, I think it made a contribution to what I am today as a professional. For me who does not cook with love and soul is fooling himself and the customer feels it in the food he receives and this for me …. devastates my esteem or like what we do or not … there is no way term.


As chef you have many experiences. Which changes do you see today?

Yes fact that I have been through many restaurants, a lot has changes. The worldview to the gastronomic culture of Portugal .. Changed the quantities per person, Regional Globalization within the Country ..


Does Portuguese Asian fusion kitchen exists?

No, there is not at least that I can thus review the Portuguese gastronomy with Asian touch.


However the Portuguese and Asian kitchen are somehow linked.

We used many herbs for example coriander, poejo, mint, mint of the river … garlic … among others. Portugal was a world power for about 600 years pioneered in the old Europe by the introduction of tea … coffee .. .cacau … etc. On the contrary Asia has Portuguese gastronomic influence Inc Africa and Americas case of Brazil. The tempura by expl was introduced in China Japan Timor Malaysia etc and everyone thinks that the origin and from there but if they search a little … have discovered that it is of Portuguese origin.


As Portuguese chef, can you explain us the Portuguese kitchen?

We have several types of flavors in our gastronomy case of coriander, garlic, cumin, parsley, various peppers, acorn, mint, poejo, almond, fig, laurel, rosemary ….. The difference in the Iberian Peninsula … Little thing … we eat more fish more seafood we use more variety of vegetables the wines by expl the green wine … unique in the world the Port wine the wine wood … Cod is the number one in the world while there is nobody better than the Portuguese to cook cod there is more than 1001 recipes … We have a lot of variety of products with rice, pasta, Bread …. etc. .For me the Portuguese cuisine is the most complete in the world and is getting trendy. As before was the Italian time of the French now the Spanish is also fashionable .. The tapas is something that the Spaniards are pioneers and sees themselves almost anywhere. Portuguese cuisine fashion?

I think it’s really the warmth and sympathy of the Portuguese ehehehe. I am not the most suitable to comment just make known that a Great Dutch Chef uses as base in his restaurant with 2 Michelin ** typical products Portuguese uses as base of his works the traditional Portuguese cuisine words of this great chef “Michel Van Der kroft” I was born in the wrong country. I’m Dutch only on paper because my heart is Portuguese.


The famous Time-out market in Lisbon. How would you describe it as chef?

The concept is unique yet I have not seen anything like ours, I just know that I am asked to replicate flavors of dishes that I knew when visiting my country.

Thousands of dishes expla Cod with lagareiro, Cod with cream, roasted octopus “dry meat type” Many dishes of rice with various proteins, Myths pasta dishes with seafood, fish .. Good sausage case of hams, aubergines, salpicões, cheeses wines, The Cataplanas of fish and seafood …. an endless list ..


If you would open your own restaurant as chef one day, which concept would it have?

On the day I have my own space I will have as a theme and base the traditional Portuguese cuisine with a contemporary touch a concept identical to José Avillez this year awarded as the best cook in the world.


As chef, which next trend do you see in gastronomy?

The Portuguese kitchen will be the next fashionable kitchen in which everyone will want to taste and all the cook in training will want to go there to Portugal to learn … is the tip.


Thank you, Luis!