Kassem Taha, a Syrian Executive chef working in Dubai and his specialisation in heathy culinary art.

Today you are executive chef in UAE. How did all began/ what drove you to become chef?

I was born on 1974 raised in Syria and grew up with love for cooking. I learned from my chef father, who has been my mentor. So I quickly picked interest and passion for food.
As chef I worked at some of Jordan’s hotels and five star restaurants. I was trained on every station in the kitchen and exposed different cuisines before I became EXECUTIVE CHEF in 1998. After I changed the job and moved as chef to Dubai, I joined some of the country’s biggest catering company, where I discovered a new set of challenges of my career. This time took me as a chef to the highway to explore the heathy culinary art and I joined as Executive Chef at one Prestigious; the healthy cuisine of the country.

You are a specialised chef in health and diet food. Can you provide us some of your recipes / dishes / concepts?

I transfer all kind of drinks and food from normal to healthy, and from healthy to diet. As chef I am also specialized in gluten free and lactose free dishes. At present I am working as a chef on creating a heathy and diet ala cart concept.

As chef you change/ transfer all kind of food recipes to health and diet recipes. How do you do this without taking out the test?

I’m using fat free and sugar free products and most of my ingredients are fresh. I believe in chefs and their technics, and the main point to cook with love. Which means how to use your emotions during cooking. Another part are the experience as a chef, which is invaluable to because of the huge differences not just in the food and ingredients, but in preparation the healthy food can be very tasty too.

How would you describe your culinary line as a chef today?

I have to follow the nutrition programs and instruction, and calories account, and I have to make sure the food remains tasty.

If you would open you own small and specialist restaurant , where would it be and what would you serve?

In Europe. And I would serve a fusion food mix of Arabic and Europe cuisine .

Any place in the world you would like to work/ take a job as a chef?

Anywhere. The chef job should suit me and proof my experience.