Kaffeeform is an innovative, sustainable material sourced from used coffee grounds and other renewable raw materials, and coming in a coffee cup shape it is perfect.




Coffee for a great many people is the elixir of life and in many cultures its roots run deep which is why it is no surprise that consumption is steadily increasing throughout the world.

In collaboration with a social workshop in Berlin, the used coffee grounds are mixed together with other renewable raw materials such as beech fibers, starch, cellulose and biopolymers, moving on to a small company in Germany responsible for the manufacture of the products. From the social workshop the products are shipped to end customers and businesses such as cafes, shops and museums.





In addition to the wood-like texture and slight aroma of coffee, what makes Koffeeform products seemingly predestined for the gastronomy world are:

  • They are unbelievably lightweight
  • Markedly stable and break resistant, saving an expensive exchange of cups during service.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Very robust with a long service life.
  • Low sound footprint


Using Kaffeeform products in your own cafe brings some nice advantages other than new retail groups or added sales.

  • They create a new drinking experience for customers.
  • It is a talking point for new and old customers alike.
  • A collaboration with a small, local and independent partner.
  • The product beams with innovation and pioneering energy.
  • The holistic and circular thought with renewables is supported.
  • Your own company will be part of a sustainable, forward-looking movement.
  • A significant advantage over the competition increases.


The Kaffeeform portfolio currently includes cups for espresso (60 ml), cappuccino (190 ml), white coffee (290 ml) with matching saucer and the take-away cup WEDUCER (300 ml).





Berlin as a foundation and home city is very much at the forefront of Kaffeeform.In many cafes and shops the cups can not only be tested and inspected on site, but also purchased. Two popular places in that area are the Oslo Kaffeebar as well as the Isla Kaffee.

Of course in other cities and countries more and more coffee-lovers are enjoying themselves with Kaffeeform.  An extensive store locator can be found at www.kaffeeform.com. In the unfortunate case no retailer can be found, all products can be ordered to your home with just a few clicks.


Kaffeeform: Designed in Berlin. Made in Germany.