José Pedro Stöck became an international, experienced chef after attending the IAG in Argentina. He worked as a chef in South America, Europe and Asia. Today he works as a Personal Chef for an UHNW family.


José Pedro Stöck “Cuisines have no borders. So fusion cuisine is something that happens naturally.”


As a chef, you have several years of experience in international and Michelin cuisine – in countries such as Argentina, Andorra, Spain, France, Norway, Germany, Sint Maarten, Hong Kong and Kazakhstan. When did it all start? What drove you to become a chef?

Everything started during a year trip that I did around South America and Europe. To continue traveling I needed money so I started to clean dishes, pots and huge cacerols in a hotel in Andorra. After that experience I decided that I want to be in a kitchen.


Where does your passion for cooking come from?

My grandmother was an excellent cook. I remember her in the kitchen since ever.


Which cooking school did you visit?

I attended to Instituto Argentino de Gastronomía in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


As a young chef, you worked in San Sebastian in the restaurant Akelarre 3* Michelin (Relais & Châteaux. What was your biggest learning for you from this time?

Organization and team work!


Before the great trend of Nordic cuisine came up, you worked for several years as Executive and Head Chef in Oslo, Norway. What fascinated you about the Nordic cuisine?

Products like fish and seafood from the Nordic coast, wild mushrooms and berries. The simplicity, fresh but complex flavors.


In Berlin you had the great honor of working as Executive Chef of the Argentine Embassy. Does such a responsible job as a chef also leave room for creativity? Or did you mainly create the classic Argentine dishes?

In fact, it was an honor. We mostly had two types of “services”. With diplomatic protocol, where the food was always classically Argentine and without protocol, where I had complete freedom to create and enjoy my creativity.


At the invitation of the Argentine Consulate you promoted Argentine cuisine in Hong Kong. Did you have time to engage in the local Hong Kong cuisine during this time?

Yes, I did the promotion at the Marco Polo Hotel, they have several kitchens, including, of course, a traditional Chinese kitchen, so I cooked most of the time.

Hong Kong is huge gastro city, and I love to go where locals go to eat.


With so many different international experiences – how would you describe your current culinary style?

I assume that every kitchen is a “different world” so I adapt myself to the needs of where I am working.

At the moment I’m working as Private Executive Chef of a rich Family.


What do you thing about fusion kitchen?

I think that cuisines have no borders. So, fusion is something that happens naturally.


What are your most and less favourite ingredients?

So many! Fresh fish is a must for me. Arbequina extra virgin olive oil, French butter, cheese, Iberico ham and so on.

I do not like licorice and Dijon mustard.


If you could choose a place in the world where you have not been before, where would you like to work as a cook for some time?

My dream destination is definitely Asia. (China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam)


Thank you very much, José!