The number one whisky in the world has opened a store in the luxurious Salamanca district of Madrid. It is the first flagship brand and meeting point for Scotch lovers or curious.


More than a store, it’s a place to experience the Johnnie Walker experience. If you are going to visit them you can enjoy the virtual tour “Cuatro rincones de Escocia”, sign up for cocktail classes, how about learning to prepare a whisky sour?


In a kind of bar, you can taste the organoleptic properties of whisky in the tastings, which are available on their website. If you go shopping, the novelties in the shop windows are the limited editions of whisky like White Walker by Johnnie Walker or John Walker and Sons.


Also, there are unique launches such as Gold&Apple and the Game of Thrones Single Malts Collection, composed of 8 malt whiskies, each of which have printed the coat of arms of Houses of westeros and one of them, of the Night’s Watch. In addition, there is a masterclass dedicated to the tasting of this collection.



Another very interesting fact to make your purchase, is that you can customize the labels of the distillate with a photograph, and even if you’re good at it, you can customize the bottle with a written message for the fortunate one.


Something very exclusive that you will find in the flagship are 6 barrels of whisky, each one with a taste description. In this area, professionals who are always in the store, will give you suggestions according to your tastes and you can choose the right bottle for you. They are whiskys from My Edition selection.


Johnnie Walker is the best-selling brand of whisky in the world, at the moment, with a presence in 180 countries. John Walker “Johnnie” was the creator, and with only fifteen years, he bought a grocery store in Scotland in 1820 where he used to sell a kind of malt whisky, until John began to combine different types of malts, and the rest is history.
Johnnie Walker flagship, C/ Serrano, number 2.


More information about the tastings: