Giuliano Dacasto – Italian Executive Chef with 10 years working experiences in Asia.

What drove you to become a chef?

I have started to cook at the age of 9 years old for my brother since my parent were busy at work. I began my career at the age of 14 when I got the opportunity to work in a professional kitchen, and I have not looked back since . my passion for food translates into stunning visual work of art on a plate.

Which cooking school did you visit in Italy to become a chef?

I have studied in a culinary school in Rieti centre of Italy. I have sharped my skill at the 1 M star Il Convivio Troiani (Rome), 2 M stars Da Bracali ( Massa Marittima -Tuscany), 3 M stars Le Calandre (Padova) and Boxwood café by Gordon Ramsey ( London).

You first chef station in Asia was Singapore, where you worked as executive chef and director of operations in 3 different Italian restaurants. Apart from the Italian classic dishes; did you create some special dishes (Italian/ Asian fusion)?

In all my restaurant I propose 100% Italian food in a modern twist focused in taste ,presentation and genuineness.

From Singapore you moved as Head Chef de cuisine to the rising start, the aqua restaurant group. What was your specialisation at this time, your special creations?

To keep high standard of food in a most busy restaurant in town.

In 2015 you did set up the “1921 Gucci” in Shanghai. What was the culinary concept at this time/ your culinary handwriting as chef?

I have created a menu that reflected the new design of Gucci since they change the artist designer at that time.

Today you are the Executive Chef at the “1957&Co” in Hong Kong. The claim of this exclusive restaurant is to create a multidimensional dining concept. Can you give us some examples on how it reflects at the menus?

Here is a franchising restaurant branded from Milan , based on the best location in town we serve a casual Italian food make with high quality ingredients most imported from Italy-France -Australia.

How often do you change the menus?

Based on the on season ingredient and sales report I do twice a year.

How would you describe your culinary line today?

European cuisine MADE IN ITALY.

What is your current master/ best innovative dish?

The one that the every single customer love more.