Greece is the land of many islands and culinary delights. Today Ioulios Kalapodas speaks about the diversity of the Mediterranean cuisine. Chef Ioulios works as Executive Chef in a city hotel – Kos Aktis Art Hotel.


Ioulios Kalapodas – Chef’s Portrait


Chef Ioulios , today you are Executive Chef in Kos, Greece and have over 25 years of gastronomic experience. How did it all start? Why did you become a chef?

My love for cooking in food service establishments came very early during my childhood, since I grew up in these places. My father was also a chef, with experience in hotels in my country. I remember going every summer to the different places he was working and knowing the special culinary culture of each region. Growing up, it was natural to follow my father’s steps, even working with him at the beginning of my career.



How would you describe your culinary style today?

Greece, like many other Mediterranean countries, has very fine raw materials, as well as the tradition of knowing how to preserve and manage them. I could not get away from traditional cooking. I would say that the cooking that expresses me is modern simple with fresh materials, based on the traditional recipes of Greece.


What’s your culinary setup as Executive Chef of the Kos Aktis Art Hotel in this trendy place?

Kos Aktis Art Hotel is a city hotel. It features the H2o restaurant cafe bar, a multipurpose venue serving all day, Greek breakfast, desserts, snacks in combination with very good coffee, as well as seafood meze. In the evening it serves dishes with Greek products, with a contemporary presentation. The visitor to H2o enjoys recipes throughout the year that touch his feelings, traveling to his childhood. This is my kitchen.


Can you share some of your latest creations with us? (share your creations & recipes)

In Kos, the island of Hippocrates, one of the recipes that has endured in time, is the sweet tomato. With this recipe I created a dessert based on sweet tomato with traditional Greek halva. The dessert is called “halva with tomato and nuts”.



If you had time to publish a Greek culinary book, what would it be about?

Gastronomy in Greece has been created in the course of time with influences from other peoples, whether during the war or through hospitality, but has always been the first in creating a healthy diet with other Mediterranean countries. My dedication to sports in recent years has made me wiser and if I wrote a book it would definitely have as its main theme the healthy and delicious diet, giving the message of exercise to everyone who read it, in combination with good nutrition.


Is there a place in the world where you would like to work as a chef someday? (international job offers on Cook Concern)

I had the opportunity to visit Dubai. It was a lifetime experience to see the brilliant hotels with their incredible wealth. I was thrilled and enthusiastic about the idea to work in one of these hotels. It’s a high demand job and that’s why I think I can do it.


Thank you, Chef Ioulios!



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