Are you ready for insects? Larvae, worms and grasshoppers, insects in gastronomy.

The inscets are in the gastronomic underworld, inscets are the food of the future-they taste good and the yare bursting with health, they do not harm the environment and they are ecological.

Do you whant to cook foods to your guests who have a lots of proteins, minerals and healthy fatty accid ? And which is sustainable, ecological and does not harm the environment ? Yes do you not ?

Maybe not now, but in 10-15 years, you might do it, just think about the first time your hear about sushi, the idea of eating raw fish, and now thats a normal part of our food.

Now we have to get use to the creep and insects going on the plate both in our restaurants and in the private kitchen.

The important thing is, that the first time our guest taste inscets in our restaurants, that it is and experience that also taste good, our guest just have to overcome them selves and then, when they discover inscets are tasting good they will come back again, like with other good tasty food.

When this is written, it is also for the sake of our planet and the humanity, we have to put the teeth in these little guys.

By 2050 the world`s population is expected to reach 9 billion.

According to UN food production should then increase by 70 %.

The UN points to inscets to replace the steak on the dinner table, to catch a kilo beef you need 9-10 kilo plants, and with insects you only need 1 kilo plants.

Will you be the first trendy chef that will have a completely insects menu in your restaurant?

Strong – Sweet grasshoppers with sesame and lime.
20 people.

1 tray ofgrasshoppers, ( availble for purchase ).
1 tablespoon brown dough.
3 tablespoons soya.
1/2 teaspoon ofsalt.
2 tablespoons siracha chili sauce.
5 tablespoons sesame seeds dry toasted until golden.
3 lime cut in both.

Pile the legs of the grasshoppers, put golden sesame seed on a baking sheet covered with baking paper, and spread them well, the other half stored for later use.
Heat up a pan, add brown dough, soya sauce salt and chili sauce, when the brown dough is dissolved, add the grasshoppers tun them well so they are completely coverd with sauce.
Turn the heat down to medium, after approx. 8 minutes, it is very impotant the grasshoppers is fried long enough, otherwise they will be soft and have a taste of flour, stir reguarlary under frying.
Pour the grasshoppers on the baking papers blend it with the rest oft he sesam seeds, seperate the grasshoppers from each others with 2 forks.
Served cooled with freshly squeezed lime juice.