Hassan Oulioual in a short Q&A


Hassan, today you are the Executive Sous Chef at the SANS Hotel in Lisbon, with a long and interesting track as a chef. Where did all start? Why did you become a chef?

I wanted to become a chef because of the respect that was shown, it started with ramen noodle soups, graduated to Kraft Mac. If they take a bite of what you have prepared for them, the smile on their face will make you happy.



Your career began as a sous chef at an Irish pub in Lisbon. Do you remember some of your special Irish dishes that you created?

Every family in Ireland has its own recipe for soda bread, hand-written on flour-crusted note paper and wedged in among the cookery books. Some like it sweet with a spoonful of honey, sugar, or dried fruits, while others prefer sprinkled-in seeds, bran and oats for a health boost, or treacle and Guinness for the opposite effect. The basic ingredients don’t change though; “bread soda” (bicarbonate of soda) and buttermilk form the raising agent, which is mixed in with flour. And nor does the way it’s eaten; sliced and spread liberally with butter.


In London you worked as sous chef in the famous Taj Hotel Palaces. What were you responsible for and did you have room for your own creations?

Hotel Taj London was a great experience for me. And a big responsibility!

You must be responsible for keeping the standard and quality of food production and hygiene in the department at the highest level. This role is very much hands-on, requires attention for details and a positive attitude to work.



In Lisbon you worked as executive chef of a vegetarian restaurant. What are the latest trends in the kitchen/chef scene of Lisbon?

Lisbon is the old-world Portugal, but its cuisine is quite fresh and new. Portugal’s food has always been rooted in simple cooking techniques. A great place to be enchanted by the new culinary energy and the work of award-winning chefs!


Thank you, Hassan!