Hassan Koubaissi is an executive sous chef at Sharq Village & Sspa, the Ritz Carlton hotel in Doha, Quatar. Read here more about his amazing story.


How would you describe your cooking style and the philosophy behind it? Do you have a motto?

My style of cooking is excellent in terms of high experience, which must be modern and at the same time fulfilling the requirements of the customers. My motto at work always keeps pace with the development in every professional field.


Have you established any amazing cooking techniques? Are there awards?

I have developed many techniques throughout my work and great developments in the field of workers, kitchens and cooking in general. In return, I have received many awards and congratulations in my work.


Which culinary trends do you see going on in the world today? How much do trends influence you or inspire you?

Each country is different in their favorite food. I am a chef and my job is to secure different customer requests depending on their country.


What would you do as a chef if money was not an issue for a year?

I would do my job to the fullest.


If you were to write a cookbook, what would it be about?

Through my long experience in the field of cooking I can print a cookbook for several different countries.

You currently work as executive sous chef. How did start out as a chef, which culinary school did you attend? What brought you to cooking as a profession?

I liked the culinary profession from a young age. I enrolled in culinary school at the age of 17 at a private hotel college in my country. After graduating successfully I worked as a culinary head.


What will you never forget from your first year as a chef?

After I graduated from college, I will never forget the great effort that I gave in terms of time and physical effort to succeed in my career.


Many careers begin with hard times where some think about giving up. Was there also such a moment in your career and how did you overcome that? What would you do differently today?

Everybody has problems in their career, including small ones and big ones, but every problem has a proper solution. I never thought about surrendering, on the contrary, I was thinking of solutions to the problem.


Which situation helped you in your development as a chef the most?

The things that helped me to develop my career were moving from a hotel to a bigger hotel and gaining experience from every hotel I worked at through the management and nationalities of different workers.


What are the best and worst aspects of working as a professional chef? How does the job change people?

The positive side of the success of the professional chef, in addition to his experience is the presence of a successful and experienced team that complements the work of the main chef. The downside of a professional chef is the lack of competence required by staff, which greatly impedes the work of the chef.


Does a chef ever learn if its a curse or a blessing? What are the most misunderstood aspects about the job of a chef?

I consider that the work of the chef is a blessing because he chose this profession. But every problem has a suitable solution.


What does your work mean to you and could you give some insight to the younger generation asking themselves if becoming a chef is for them?

As for the younger generation, I assure them that they can reach the rank of a chef, but more than that, they can reach higher positions, but on condition that they learn this profession with complete conviction and love for it.


What makes libanese cuisine so special? Which ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques reflect the soul of the cuisine best?

In order to ensure the success of working as a team, the kitchen must follow regular steps, use the highest-quality ingredients with modern and sophisticated equipment. That helps facilitate the speed and success needed in a kitchen.


How were chefs seen in Lebanon society in earlier times and how does it differ from today?

Chefs have better options now than previously due to the development of methods of education, application, technology and modern equipment.


What are the constant and changing elements of libanese cuisine?

Each country has a specific pattern of food and this we cannot change it can be added to or modified very simply as to not lose its heritage.


Not only other cultures but also alternative/new ingredients influence the cuisine of a land. Which ingredients have influenced libanese cuisine?

The labor force greatly affects the kitchen floor, the quality of materials used in the kitchen and cooking also have an effect as well as the equipment used in the kitchen.


Which spices, produce or tools do you use that might be little known to the rest of the world?

A skilled chef can make his own spices that must be used for successful cooking.


What is your view on fusion cuisine?

The chef can modify some foods and add them to the food menu.


The concept of slow cooking is good, but in large restaurants or hotels isn’t always feasible due to time constraints of the guests. Do you see a viable solution?

Of course, this problem can be solved in large hotels by preparing the dish and cooking it at the time of request. Light and delicious food at the same time and decorated like a sandwich snack.


To be an innovative chef means receiving honest feedback. Where do you find that?

In hotels there is a feedback box, and I always benefit.


A healthy diet and an understanding of nutrition: Is there a drive to teach the approach in xxx to younger people or perhaps establish it as a school subject?

Certainly, a healthy food curriculum should be developed, especially for young people, and it should be placed in schools to benefit the new generation to avoid health diseases.


Many chefs are interested to work in Lebanon. Do you have any tips or recommendations for them?

The chef’s career does not need a certain age, but always needs experience and development.


What do you value most in the kitchen when it comes to technology?

Maintain the equipment and use it properly and cleanly, and clean the kitchen.


Which ingredients and materials do you use the most?

Food varies from one type to another, and each type has special materials and ingredients for cooking.


How important is the team and what intrical part do they have?

To be successful requires an integral team, with a high level of speed and experience.


Which values count for you the most when working in the kitchen?

First you must keep the kitchen clean at all times during work and after work.



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