Gregory Louraichi – French Chef and owner of Greg’s restaurant in Xiamen, China, about his work in China.


Where does your passion for being a chef comes from?

When I was young, every Sunday, I was going to my grandmother place to have lunch. She was cooking so well!!! Every time, she was preparing the dishes, I can see the way she was very precise on the recipe and always taste the recipe to make sure she will not make mistake. After thinking about different job, I decide, when I m 14 years old to go to the hospitality school to learn management and cooking.


Which cooking school did you visit?

I was in Arcachon (next to Bordeaux) and the school name was Dorgeles-Condorcet école hoteliere.


How would you describe your culinary line today?

I like to cook different kind of food and I really enjoy learning the traditional food from different country. I like to create new recipe between traditional and modernity who push me to always improve my culinary style.



You worked many years as Executive Chef for Sofitel. What was your greatest learning out of this time?

My greatest learning with Sofitel was the management and the opening of the hotel.


What was the reason for starting your own restaurant in China?

After working in the hotel, I think it was very good time for me to jump to my next step to keep growing my career.


What is the culinary set up of your restaurant?

We are cooking French food with Asian touch.


Each region in China has his culinary specialities. What is Xiamen’s speciality?

Yes, each region had his own special foods, in Xiamen the specialties is oyster omelet, pork with ginger and a lot of dish with fish & seafood.


If you are not in your own restaurant, what are your eat out specialities in Xiamen?

I love to eat in some local restaurant. I’m always impress by the way how they prepare the dish, the method they using to cook and the taste.


With your French Cuisine background and your long experience in China; what is about French Chinas Fusion kitchen?

For my part, I love to cook different food from different country. In my restaurant I’m using French recipe with Asian twist. I think Chinese people travelling more and they understand more the different food culture, so I used local product and cooking on the French way.


Having an own restaurant sounds always great. What are the hard points/ difficulties especially in China?

For me, first, the language, it’s the most difficult part. Second, administration, all the documents need to prepare to make sure your project will accepted by the government.


What are the latest culinary trends you see in China?

The latest culinary in China is healthy food.


Can you share some of your latest creations/ recipes with us?

Sure, please found in attached few recipe of my creation.


Thank you for your time Gregory Louraichi.