Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In this post we wanted to travel the world through breakfast and we have found that there are many types in the same country. In India, for example, breakfast is different in the north and in the south, and in the whole country you can come across more than a dozen. Since the list is long, we choose the most representative ones for now. Next, what does the world eat for breakfast?


French breakfast or “le petit-déjeuner”, it is usually a breakfast between sweet and salty flavors, the stars are baguette breads, toasts with jam or butter, butter croissant, brioches or pains au chocolat. In drinks, orange juice and coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It is also called in the hotelier slang, continental breakfast.


Indian breakfast. We chose the southern indian breakfast that consists of this kind of pancakes called idli, made from vegetables, and vada, a type of donut, let’s say that for us it would be like bread. It is very characteristic that they are served on a banana leaf next to a spicy tamarind broth called sambhar and likewise, it is accompanied with chutney.


English breakfast. To start your day well you need a great calorie intake. Sausage, eggs, bacon, toast, fried tomatoes or maybe grilled. Regarding tea, the English usually adds milk.


Uruguayan breakfast. The Uruguayan breakfast is simpler because for them the lunch at noon is more important. It can be coffee with milk, or mate and some toast with jam and butter. In this case, juices are not an option.


Spanish breakfast. Let’s say that the most popular breakfasts in Spain are Madrid and Andalusia. In Madrid a thick hot chocolate with churros and in Andalusia, to the south, the traditional are bread sticks with a stream of olive oil and natural tomato crushed on toast, for example. But there are many more varieties.


Brazilian breakfast. The most popular has fruit juice, coffee with milk or pingado as they call it, the solid is brazilian cheese bread or French bread that has the shape of sliced bread with butter and grilled.


American breakfast. It consist of toast with butter, fried or scrambled eggs and bacon or ham. And also, there is sweet flavor, accompanied with pancakes or crepes with caramel syrup. There is always coffee or orange juice. The American breakfast, in addition, is one of the most classic served in a hotel.


Let’s add more traditions. What do you have for breakfast in your country?