Fusion cuisine is currently one of the biggest trends in the culinary world.

It means the combination of different cultures, traditions and tastes, a deliberate mix of traditional regional and national cuisine in order to create something new and unique that will sweep you off your feet.


Tradition and culture, or to be more precise, culinary culture, play a crucial role in kitchens all over the world, creating identity for restaurants, canteens and other gastronomic establishments.

Fusion cuisine is one of many different cooking styles. The term was originally used to describe the combination of ingredients typical of a country which originated from different regions of that country. Fusion cuisine has its origins in the United States, specifically in California. In the 1980s, different food cultures were mixed together for the first time there, with a strong focus on blending regional cuisines. The trend reached Europe for the first time in the early 1990s. Unlike North American cuisine, fusion cuisine in Europe initially concentrated primarily on mixing European and Asian cuisine. Even today, the term still refers to the mixing of seemingly incompatible ingredients.


One cookery book that deals with this subject in detail is Eine Prise Heimat, meaning A Pinch of Home. In it, the likes of Michael Kempf, Ralf Zacherl, Mario Kotaska and Sarah Wiener explain what food and cooking culture means to them.

The title of the book is a reference to its contents. It is about how people had to flee from their homeland, but brought certain smells and tastes with them. The exciting project attempts to find out how these two factors connect people with each other.

The cookery book’s test persons went on a culinary journey of discovery together. The aim was to merge traditions, cultures and tastes in order to create something new and creative. The result is a unique cookery book that is packed with delicious and innovative recipes. These are rounded off by great stories about how dishes came to be, along with other insights.

Every single recipe in the cookery book was created during an intercultural cooking encounter. This always took place between a top chef and a refugee. The uniqueness of combining regional produce with ingredients from the migrants’ faraway countries is what makes these dishes so successful. The result is fusion cuisine unlike anything that has existed before.


The book A Pinch of Home focused mainly on the homeland and culture of the participants. The authors were especially keen to point out that food is arguably more closely linked to one’s own homeland than any other subject. Typical regional dishes can be a particularly effective means of evoking emotions and memories of days long gone.

If for whatever reason people are forced to turn their backs on their homeland, then in many cases all they are able to take with them at the beginning is their language and, above all, their food. Eating is a truly special way to learn about a culture. Food connects, no matter where you come from. What we eat can thus also open doors to other, previously unknown cultures.

In addition to presenting novel recipes from foreign food cultures, what stands out most about the book are the individual anecdotes of its protagonists. They explain their past, how they came to Germany and offer a fascinating insight into what makes them who they are.

If we’ve whetted your appetite and you’re interested in the book, you can order it here. We hope you enjoy trying out the recipes!