In one of our previous Blogs, we brought you closer to Fusion Cuisine.
Allow us to introduce you to the teams which have joined forces in the outstanding book “A Bit of Home” to dazzle and inspire with amazingly-fresh ideas. Let these multicultural teams inspire you and perhaps you’ll try some of these ideas right away.

Sven Elverfeld & Ghaith Hanki

This exquisite-cuisine duo from Wolfsburg presents on-site a fabulous dish consisting of Scallops with Apple-Couscous, which is enhanced with a Pistachio-Nut-Butter. Additionally, they have magically created a Spice-dove made from multi-colored lentils, beans from Syria and potatoes. This heavenly dish is topped-off with an Aryan sorbet and date mousse, garnished with chickpeas pickled in orange juice. Just wonderful!

The basis for these dishes can be found in various Syrian meals, but where do these ideas come from? Sven collects them mostly on his travels. After working in Japan, Crete and also in Dubai, he has now arrived in Wolfsburg, where he is very busy collecting stars. The kitchens he got to know during his years of travel could hardly be more different. However, it was also a significant source of his inspiration.

Ghaith, who comes from Aleppo, was able to broaden his culinary horizons in Germany after some time in Yemen. Oh, and by-the-way, he also says his favorite German dish is Germknödel.Whether this will stay his favorite German dish, well, only time can tell. Fusion Cuisine has once again shown us what is possible. It’s not too hard to imagine, that very soon, a dish from Gaith’s selection will be getting First Place.

Fusion Cuisine is Exciting

Mathias Sauter & Mouhamed Tanko

Both Trailblazers of this duo combine the advantages of the Nigerian and Allgäu cuisine. Two Chefs, two friends. Interestingly, both have been inspired by the women in their family to cook. For Mouhamed, it was his mother who fed the family with 13 children, with Mathias it was especially his grandmother who inspired the little boy with her recipes for strudel and maultaschen.

The biggest difference between both Chefs and their interpretations rests mainly in the spiciness of their dishes. While Mathias takes a more relaxed approach, Mouhamed likes to bring it up a notch. To achieve this he mostly uses the Kuku spice, originating from the leaves of the baobab tree. Scorching hot.

If you would like even more fantastic ideas for your own Fusion Kitchen we definitely recommend the book “A bit of Home”.
Great stories, awesome recipes, everything we want.