Frederick Forster has been appointed Head Chef of Plateau in Canary Wharf. As a former National Chef of the Year and experience working with the likes of Raymond Blanc, Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Keller and Pierre Gagnaire, Frederick is thrilled to return to D&D London.


Frederick Forstera chef protrait


How would you describe your culinary line today?

My culinary line in today world would be described as simple, seasonal and full of flavour. Over the years I have started putting less food on the plates and keeping the focus on quality ingredients.



As the new Head Chef of Plateau in Canary Wharf, what will be your culinary direction?

The direction of Plateau is to bring great quality food to our guests using the freshest ingredients possible that are in season. A real emphasis on working within the seasons. I want Plateau to be a fun, relaxed place to eat and a place that people associate with real quality.


Can you share some of your latest dishes/recipes with us?

Some dishes that will soon be on the menu are:


Celeriac and wild mushroom tart | autumn truffles

Marinated beetroots with goat cheese raviolo

Roast venison | parsnip pure | figs | spiced red wine sauce


A personal favourite is the 28 days aged beef filet with braised sand carrots | chanterelles | garlic butter


Delicious! 28 days aged beef filet with braised sand carrots | chanterelles | garlic butter


We know that you have no time; but if you had it and you wrote a cookbook, what would the title and story be?

The title to my book would be “Humble beginnings”. The story would tell of my upbringing in West Africa and the person who really influenced my love for cooking the most; my mother.


Thank you very much, Frederick!