When someone says Food festivals the first thing what comes to my minds is sunny weather, grass, stalls full of people. The scenerio looks brilliant, but it could be the complete oposite. How does it look like from the view of performers?

Registration: That is the easy part. The participant find out about food event for some sources, usually it’s s social media, or collegues from gastronomy or because he or she has previous experience. Registration is usually done by online application. You will be asked of list of you elerctric devices, palnned meals and a subscription payment. This depends on the number and performance of devices such as stand, table..

Economics: It may surprise you, but the starting fee for some small events isn’t usually less than 3,000Kč.

Prestigious festivals in the center of Prague, various burger festivals, etc. are not afraid to ask for CZK 25,000 and this does not even have to be multi-day event.

That’s what the stallor thinks about, if it’s worth it, when he counts how many portions he has to sell to earn his starting fee.

If this is not a family action, you will need someone else. Serving / cooking food, cashling people, offering goods etc. can not be done in one person.

Standing all day on your feet… no one won’t do it for less than 100 CZK /, believe it.

You must, of course, transport yourself along with all the gastronomic equipment. The refrigerator just does not fit into the car and the van is definitely worth it.

The cost of you dish, it’s just up to you. Keep in mind that selling something over 100Kč is hard, yet Food Festivals are designed for visitors to taste as much as possible in small portions. When redeeming you have to take count every aspect.

Gasoline, consumed water, electricity, wage for co-workers, calculate your own time. Food festival is not just the day you stand behind a table selling food, it is also work from computer, when you communicate with the organizers, calculate the food cost, seek out helpers, or looking for ingrediences. It’s at least one whole day locked up in the kitchen and very early getting up from bed on the day of the event, when you have to put everything in your car and safely convert it according to safety standards. And it’s also the day after the event, when everything has to be washed, cleaned, wraped up and returned what was not ours.

Selling your goodies: This is hard work, it is not for everyone … you will experience events at 25-30 ° C, but you will also experience events when you’ll be praying for someone with duckt tape or something that will secure your flying sail when it just started raining into your deepfrier.

Meet the people who come to the door and praise you to heaven, and you will meet people who will ask the same questions again and again, so you will answer and probably talk about the family recipe so that you can see them later on in a crowd with grilled corn or other ” unusual delicacy ”

It has to be said that at the Food Festivals you will meet a lot who work extremely hard. These people cannot be stopped by this exhausting process from selling the whole day what they think is the best sandwich / burger / cake / sushi and I do not know what else. Also, instant satisfaction is something that can be heavily addictive. You get an instant response from the customers about what they have bought and no needed to say: praising a well-cooked meal will never gets old.