Coffee is energy, romanticism, inspiration, it is the first thing you drink when you wake up or it is almost always by your side when you work and when you have jet lag, it is a great ally. In other words, the planet has coffee for breakfast. But depending on the geographical area, where you are, you drink a kind of coffee or another. For example, did you know that Finland is the country that consumes more coffee in the world? With approximately a little more than 10 kilos of coffee per person per year and although there is a large supply of different types of coffee beans, they have a particular way of drinking it. Next we will explain the ways to serve a coffee in 5 countries around the globe.


KAHVI (Finland). Coffee for the Finns means sharing, welcoming when you visit someone at home, they are great lovers of this drink. The Finns enjoy a cup that measures 7 ounces of coffee and 1 ounce of milk.


AMERICAN (United States). The name of American coffee is curious, it comes from an anecdote that happened in time of war. When the Italians were invaded by the Americans. The American soldiers did not like the strong flavor of the processed coffee in the Italian espresso machine so they asked to add water and because of that, nowadays it has this preparation. It is served 6 ounces of hot water and 2 ounces of espresso coffee and the result is a low intensity coffee.


THAI ICED COFFEE (Thailand). Coffee in Thailand is cool with lots of ice and it is rare to ask for a hot coffee, maybe only tourists do it. In the 70s, the king of this country encouraged that the peasants to grow coffee as a way out of opium cultivation. To prepare it is used 5 ounces of coffee, 1 ounce of milk, 1 ounce of ice and 1 ounce of condensed milk.


FLAT WHITE (Australia and New Zealand). It is similar to a cappuccino or a coffee with milk, the difference is that it has a thicker foam layer and lends itself to the latte in coffee. One of the stories that points to its possible origin is the attempt to replicate the cappuccino in a Wellington cafe.


CORTADITO (Cuba). The cortadito is an espresso with a stream of hot milk. Although it is not something typical of the country, Cubans have made it part of their tradition and call it “cortadito” as a diminutive of cortado. There is another version of coffee mixed with the famous Cuban rum, it is very refreshing.


These are just some ways to enjoy coffee but there are many more, how do you drink coffee in your city?