Feijoada or “frejolada”, would be the equivalent in Spain to some kind of fabada and in Venezuela, something similar to the caraotas of the Creole pavilion, but with broth.


This stew of Brazilian cuisine is filling, it has almost always the base of black beans and different varieties of pork, which is used from the tail to the nose.


To present this dish, it is accompanied with rice, although it can also be served with orange slices or chopped cabbage with garlic and oil.


Some people usually sprinkle cassava flour. A curious detail is that both the feijoada and the accompaniments are served in clay dishes, as was traditionally done.


It’s a delicious recipe, there’s even a modern vegan version of the feijoada.


Wednesdays and Saturdays are feijoada days in Brazil, it’s perfect for an informal meal with friends and family.



  • 800 grs. of black beans
  • 1 onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Black pepper and salt to taste
  • Bay leaf
  • 300 grs. of bacon
  • 100 grs. of pork legs
  • 150 grs. of smoked longaniza
  • 100 grs. of pork tongue


Note: Soak beans the day before



Seal the bacon in a hot pot and separate. On the same juice that bacon has released, we toss the cubed onion and garlic, and fry. At the same time, we put a pinch of salt, pepper and bay leaves.

We incorporate the bacon to the pot again, and add the pork legs that will give consistency, the sausage, which will give the smoked touch, and the pig’s tongue, which has a lot of protein.

Next, we put them together with the black beans that were previously soaked.

Cover it with water and let it cook for two and a half hours over medium heat, depending on the power of your kitchen.

And to decorate, just a few of coriander leaves. The accompaniment can be the one you prefer.


Enjoy your meal!