Federica Cesconi is a food blogger and social media manager. We wanted her to know how the new food bloggers are ticking today and what makes them different. Read here to learn more.


You are a Food Blogger. How did you come up with the idea to open your own Food Blog?

I’ve always been passionate about cooking and restaurants in general. I always been on the search for new ideas different from the usual. My friends pushed me to open the blog because they were becoming more and more interested in my advice. I opened the blog a bit for fun and now I am very happy with the success it has had. I also wrote a guide on restaurants and activities when visiting the Lugano area.


What is your relationship to professional chefs/ do you exchange ideas with them?

I have a great relationship with chefs, I always like to check out what they’re doing and above all, talk to them about new personal and professional growth. I am just delighted with the relationships that have been created! They call me to ask for advice on the future, ideas for renewal or a new product.


What are you currently working on?

At the moment I am working on projects for the year 2020. I will continue to be a chef’s assistant (Andrea Cucinali) for his cooking classes (very different and unusual courses from what is offered in our area), I will write another guide, more complete than the one I already sell in bookstores, I will go in search of new proposals in the restaurant sector and will continue with my activities as a social media manager.


What would you like to work on one day?

I would like to open a restaurant or a bar. A different proposal than the usual existing restaurants. I lived in Berlin for 1 year, and there I discovered places with very simple concepts that can be taken up in Lugano and could do a lot in giving new air to the city.



What do you like most about your job?

I love meeting new people and expanding my horizons. It might not seem so important to some, but it is very enriching, makes you grow, keeps you humble and helps you deal with a lot of obstacles. I also like eating very much (laughs). But it is secondary because the human side is the most important. My articles don’t just talk about food, but what makes people beautiful on the inside.


Behind a good Food Blog like yours, is an amazing amount of hard work. Wow much effort and time do you need to invest?

I have to make many sacrifices. I can’t always go out with friends or spend time with my family. There are days where I work even 17 hours. However, I think that the time I spent on this project of mine brought me a lot of satisfaction and I am very proud of myself. I have received a lot of praise and attracted many followers. They stop me in the street and I’m still not used to it, I’m a bit ashamed because I didn’t do anything exceptional. I help people choose something different.


What is your mission? 

My mission is not only to help people change their habits but I also want to sponsor those restaurants or those products that are equally valid but unfortunately for one reason or another they are unknown and not very frequented.


What kind of topics do you offer?

My items vary from restaurant to restaurant for the top ten. The top ten most loved by my audience are above all during the holidays or during the Christmas season: where to buy food products, where to eat with the head of the company or where to eat at Christmas and New Year.


What important new developments do you see in the Italian culinary scene?

I increasingly see this desire to make the meal into a journey. A visit to a restaurant is no longer just sitting and eating. The life of the chef is the protagonist of a tasting menu. So nothing is left to chance. There are very important stories behind every self-respecting restaurant.


Your blog is running well. What is the secret of your success?

There is only one secret to a successful blog: perseverance. We must always be present and always ready for news. Publish at least once a day on social media to remind people that you exist. Another important aspect is certainly the quality of the posts.


How do you finance your work as Food Blogger?

90% of the time I am invited as a guest in restaurants. This does not mean 100% that the restaurant is good. By now I’ve got used to it and I can always distinguish what will be a formidable experience. If it is not, I refuse the free dinner and refuse to write an article on my blog. In other cases, I go out with friends, find the restaurant really good and write a post for free.


Outside in the market of social Media are thousands of other food bloggers. Do you have a better social media strategy?

I don’t think I have a better strategy than others. I follow what I feel needs to be done at that moment. For my social media, I don’t use an editorial plan as I would usually do with clients. It’s all very spontaneous and studied for the day. Perhaps this is the real success: spontaneity.


The market is fast moving. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Yes, the market is in constant motion. The important thing is always to keep up with the times and changes. Above all, you need to know which social media is more important than others and which to use for what. In 10 years I see myself more involved in this fabulous world that I love! I have so many ideas in my head that I want them to become reality. To discover them you just need to follow me actively!



 The phenomenon of food blogging has grown a lot in recent years in Italy. What error should the food blogger avoid who is now starting to deal with recipes and culinary tips?

I believe a blog opens out of passion, for fun, to do something we love, not to turn it into work right away.


If you were a dish, what would it be? And the blog, what dish would it be?

I’m lasagna. My blog is hot milk before going to sleep.


The most incredible gastronomic experience of your life?

When I realized the dream to go to Puglia and try the experience of the Bros restaurant.