Executive Chef Sydney De Hart from Amsterdam about food trends in Bali.

Today you are Executive Chef in Bali; where did your journey begin/ what droves you to become a chef?

From a young age (round 13 years old) I already knew I wanted to become a Chef I love food and cooking and at that time my parents started to look for an chefs school.


Which cooking school did you visit to become a chef?

I started in Holland in an city called Haarlem.

You worked almost 3 years as chef de Cuisine in Beijing China, for TRB Bites and the TRB (Temple Restaurant Beijing). What was the culinary line of this traditional fine dining places?

Fundamental high end French fine dining with loads of European influences wonderful fine list and exertional service orcas traded by the famous Ignace lecleir owner.


And what have was your “master” dish as chef?

Tuna tartar, veal with cray fish and sweetbreads.


How did the Chinese kitchen influence your own cooking style/ culinary line as chef?

In TRB we did not cook any Chinese food. I only did French medetiranian fine dinning.


Today you are the Executive Chef at the Aryaduta in Bali. What does fascinate you at the Indonesian kitchen?

I grew up with Indonesian food, for me Indonesian food is like home comfort food. As I part indonesian. Everything in the Aryaduta hotel Bali is homemade and made from scratch for example we make our own cold Cuts, Bacon and sausages and bread also Aryaduta has an Restaurant that is called Henry`s grill and bar. In Henry`s we Dry age our own prime cut Steaks and we Ferment our vegetables and make our own pickles. For reverence please have a look on my Instagram Chef_sydney.


Indonesia has 255 Mio inhabitants, 6.000 inhabited island and in total 17.000 islands. Does Bali has a special regional kitchen?

Yes for sure its called Balinese cuisine, Every Island in Indonesia cooks different and have their own dishes for example Bali got Sate lillit and in Madura (small island east Java) got Sate Madura.


Which spices have been new for you in Bali and in which menus do you use them?

Kecombrang its torche ginger what we use in our sambal.


You bring in different international experiences. Bali has lots of international and Asian influences. Does it inspire you as chef for your own fusion dished/ recipes? And if so, please let us know some examples?

For Henry`s we make our hot sauce what is called Fermented hot sauce this you could compare with Siracha or Tabasco but our fermented hot sauce is amazing and really brings out flavour and matches my dry aged steaks.


How would you describe your culinary line today as Executive Chef?

What are the latest trends at the Bali kitchen/ chef scene? for Western food its Dry aging but I go one step further and doing it also with fermentation and smoking including my cold cuts like Bresaola and Duck prosciutto.


What is your current master dish as chef?

This is my Cold cut platter because on this platter I use the technique smoking, curing, dry aging and fermentation.


If you would open your own small specialised restaurant, where would it be, and with which specialisation?

I would like to start in Dubai and when it hit as a success would love to expand to other city’s like Shanghai, Hong kong, London, Bali, Bangkok. Amsterdam.