Evgeniy Barannikov is a brand chef of the Bellini Group. Read more about a mistrial world here.


Evgeniy, how has your career in the restaurant industry started?

 I grew up in a family where my mother is also a chef. My mother for me is number one among the chefs and, perhaps, the only person I don’t contradict in the kitchen.


After ninth grade at school I went to study to Krasnoyarsk, and no one could even think that I would go to study cooking. Three years later I graduated from the culinary school with honors diploma. After completing my studies, I went to my school to find work. Thus, I got to the restaurant “Matrosskaya tishina.” I had been working there for three years, after that I realized that I would no longer develop myself in this place.


I heard from friends that a new project should be opened soon. It was sushi & cocktail bar Bellini. I managed to get there to work three weeks after the opening. After a year and a half of work at Bellini, I was offered the position of chef. With the growth and development of our restaurant group my duties also began to expand.


In 2007-2008, I began to go for internships to famous chefs, I met Yuri Rozhkov and Konstantin Ivlev. I was very impressed with what I saw and what I was taught. Coming back to Krasnoyarsk, I began to use the knowledge that I received from my colleagues. At that moment, we opened the trendy night club “Tri dnya dozhdya”. The next project was the Italian restaurant Trattoria Formaggi. It has become one of the most popular restaurants in the city. With the opening of each new project, I gained experience, expanded my horizons and developed professionalism. I was growing together with my team. After some time, my colleague and I went to Tuscany to one of the restaurants.


Where do you work now? 

Now I am a brand chef in the restaurant group Bellini. I am responsible for two fitness bars in sport centers and for the fitness menu. In each place I have my own small team. In addition, I head such restaurants as Trattoria Formaggi, Mama’s and the cooking studio Ratatouille, where we organize culinary master classes for those people who like to cook.



You took part in launch of a big number of Bellini group projects. Is there any especial project that you want to mention?

Three years ago, we launched home-style cooking restaurant Mama’s. This is the “cuisine of moms” from different countries. It is about simple and understandable food without any hint of haute cuisine, where we use recipes from all over the world. The concept of a homely atmosphere is the heart of the restaurant. We were inspired to create this project after our trip to Saint-Tropez with one of the Bellini founders, Alexey Gorensky. There we visited a restaurant where we met the owner and his parents – mother and father. In this restaurant there was provincial, rustic cuisine, which reminded us of our Russian cuisine. They used a lot of stew, mashed potatoes.


Tell us about your last project. 

In 2018 Bellini group signed a contract to open a branch of the most famous culinary school Institute Paul Bocuse in Krasnoyarsk. We have recently announced the launch of this global project throughout the country. In 2019, about 2-3 groups of young and ambitious people will be recruited to become chefs. I look forward to September when the school starts its work. Great professionals of our business, specialists from France, Moscow, St. Petersburg will come to us and share their experience with young students who will begin their fascinating journey. Upon graduation, graduates will receive two diplomas from the Paul Bocuse Institute and the Siberian Federal University.


Why did your company decide to launch such a large-scale project?

The main reason is the desire to solve the problem of lack of qualified specialists. If you ask any chef in Russia, no matter what region, he will surely tell you that he faces such a problem as a shortage of personnel, ranging from line staff to administrative staff. For example, take our Krasnoyarsk city. There are a lot of specialists in the city, but there are much more open vacancies in restaurants. With the expansion of the restaurant group, with the opening of new projects, we need more and more specialists. During interviews, I try to choose the best people. For me the experience of a person is not so important as a glint in his eyes, when he talks about the profession of cook. I take to the team such people who want to develop, but, unfortunately, it is difficult to find them.


Ten years ago, we realized that the lack of staff would become bigger. Our growth and development depends on employees. We were also dissatisfied with our education, since existing culinary schools do not provide any base. That is why we have decided to create a decent and high-quality educational platform. So, Krasnoyarsk will be the city with the first branch of the Paul Bocuse Institute in Russia.


What experience was the most memorable?

I do not want to outline any favorite project, since each new project brought me a very valuable experience. I have always developed with my team. Those guys who came to the position of assistants, are the chefs of our projects now. Each project has its own character and its own characteristics; the project can be compared with a live organism.



What are your daily duties? Describe one day from your life. 

When I wake up in the morning, I already know how my day will look like, what tasks I face. I try to keep up with all my projects, go to the kitchen, try food, talk with the staff. We are working on new dishes with chefs. If I do not have time, then I postpone my plans for the next day.


If I have spare time, then I allow myself to sleep or, on the contrary, get up earlier and go for a run. I love to run, jogging charges me with energy and at the same time it calms me down. After the run, I take a shower and have breakfast. I always try to have breakfast and dinner at home. After that, I begin my daily trip to restaurants. Usually my route starts from the restaurant Trattoria Formaggi, you can say that it is my headquarter.


Tell us about your YouTube channel #тычёповар. Why did you decide to create such a channel? Who is the target audience? 

This channel was created, first of all, for those people who love to cook. But chefs from different cities also watch this channel and find something interesting for themselves. I enjoy communicating with people, sharing my tips and life-hacks. When people say “thank you” for my recipes, I get so much inspiration and continue to create, surprise and delight the others. I show quite simple, but very tasty and affordable recipes. At my channel, I try to gently show people new products that have already appeared in stores, but ordinary people are wary of them because they do not know how to use them.


You are very popular in Instagram. In your account @evbar82 you have almost 29k subscribers. Do you manage your own profile or does someone help you? How do you make up topics for your posts? 

Yes, I manage my profile by myself. Before the New Year I had a small pause, since I had no ideas for new posts. But I think this is normal. It is the sign that you have a live profile. If it is time when I am silent and do not post anything, then I must endure it.


I never try to seem who I am not. If you show the glossy side of your life, then show what happens on the other side. We are people, and we have failures. Try to turn them into a smile, laugh. People love to see how a person honestly shares some parts from his life. Many people think that the more often a person is seen on TV screens and gadgets, the more he is inaccessible. I try to break this stereotype. You should be yourself, honest and openhearted. When you’re open and not bluffing, people turn to you. It works like a magnet.


Thank you Evgeniy!


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