Frank Streefland talks about his career as a Dutch chef and about what it takes to be a cook and restaurant owner.

What drove you to become a chef?

Working with good ingredients and products, passion for the job and being creative.


Which cooking school did you visit?

I did my study in Rotterdam Chefs college – rank 2, 3, 4.


How would you describe your culinary line as Dutch Chef today?

Local ingredients with an innovative twist on it.


The traditional Dutch cuisine – How can it best be described?

Classic with a wide assortment of ingredients authentic taste like: potatoes, carrots.


Today lots of traditional country dishes are new interpreted. As a Dutch chef – do you also have some old Dutch recipes in a new way and if so, can you share one of it with us?

Classic are always your basics. The trick is to find something new to give it your own thing.



The close relation to food producers becomes more important for chefs. Do you have as well some of such close relations as a Dutch chef?

I have a close relationship with the local farmers. They provide us with all kinds of product and they have a high standard so we always get very good product.


Can you share some of your actual recipes with us?

I am sorry but that’s the chefs secret.


You are running as Dutch Chef the Polderkeuken and the Polderkamer. What is the different of both?

Polderkeuken is a fine dining restaurant. The polderkamer is more like a bistro but more for the local person.



How is the culinary set up of these places/your direction?

Two different kitchens – one upstairs, one downstairs.


You are also operation as chef the PolderCatering. Does your catering have a specialization?

Luxurious events on location – whenever, wherever.


As a Dutch Chef – what is your experience in the catering business? What are the changes or trends within this segment?

Flexible, quality, and the right product for the right price.


Any place in the world you would like to work or gain experience as a chef one day?

Alinea, Chicago.


Thank you, Frank! Good luck and keep your passion!


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