Dmytro Arkhipenko has more than 10 years of professional experience in various international companies. For Dmytro the most important ingredient in culinary is cooking with love. Everything else is just details.


Dmytro Arkhipenko – A Chef’s Portrait


Dmytro, you have been working as a Chef in several places like Russia, Qatar, UAE, Egypt or even on the Maldives. Where did your culinary journey start? When did you know you want to become a Chef?

Thanks for the interesting question. My first culinary experience started at 16. I was a kid and got my first job in a Chinese restaurant in my city. It was an interesting experience and cultural sharing. The work was hard but I liked the outcome and the comments of my colleagues about my performance and I decided to learn more and more about different cuisines.


How important do you think it is to get experiences in foreign countries?

I believe it is important to find out different and authentic, to be more detailed in cooking through the culture and environment in which we are living. International experience helps a lot.



Because you have worked in these countries you learned a lot about different cuisines. What is typical for Ukrainian cuisine in your opinion? How is Ukrainian cuisine different from others?

Ukrainian cuisine has its own character and colors. In the same time it is simple but delicious. A lot of dishes are connected with different kinds of dough such as vareniky, galishki, zrazu, grechaniky, etc. In different areas of Ukraine Borsch can be prepared in completely different ways. It’s possible to mention different examples as well.


When working in foreign countries, do you try to let your roots be part of the dishes, to get them something typical Chef Dmytro? Is there anything that might be typical for your culinary style?

Good question. Of course the tasting preferences I got from my parents, my culture. It’s in my blood and I can’t deny the fact that I am influenced by my professional experience in the same time as well. I like different styles but the most important is to create dishes for my guests to feel difference and to experience the taste which they will remember.


Chef Dmytro likes to capture the ideas of dishes and implement when the time is right in different events and menus.


Has there been an experience in your career as a Chef that was life changing?

The thing is that every single experience changes our life. It can be more significant and it can be less. My life was changed when I met Mathew Goodlet, amazing chef from whom I have learned a lot.


Since the saying goes “you eat with your eyes first” – how important is the preparation?

Well, every single detail is important and it makes difference between being professional chef or amateur. In commercial culinary presentation is extremely important to appetite the guests and meet the guests’ expectations afterwards is essential as well.


Antipasti set. The item consist of all necessary ingredients to accomplish the glass of wine. This is how Chef Dmytro presents it.


Everybody makes mistakes, which you do not make a second time. Have there been mistakes made by you, you can laugh about now? Is there a funny anecdote?

Everyone is doing mistakes in culinary career or in life in general, it doesn’t matter but it is never late to fix it and it is always possible if there is a positive feeling and correct attitude. The biggest mistake of mine – perhaps my demands. In some case chefs are working under pressure to show the result as soon as possible and to make business beneficial and profitable. The thing that it is essential to understand that people can accept only 12% of new information and other one will be just blocked.

This is how human mind works. When managing your team it is the most important rule – not to overload your culinary family. And about the funniest thing that I remember… I invited the guests to cook with me during the busy hours when I had open kitchen area inside the outlet. Was really fun and all delays were forgiven with photos and nice guests’ comments instead of. I was very happy.


If you were on a lonely island and you could take five ingredients and 3 tools with you – what would they be and which dishes you could still can create?

I would take tomatoes, eggs, onion, olive oil, parsley. My tools would be pan, pot and knife. With these ingredients and tools you can prepare a lot of dishes. On breakfast I would have frittata, omelette or fried egg with vegetables or Turkish menemen.

On lunch and dinner I could have stuffed tomato or tomato dolma with Tabouleh salad. These ingredients would be enough to prepare tasty salad on a daily basis.


Are there any places you would like to visit and study the food culture and cuisine? Where in the world you would like to work as a Chef one day? (➔ all job offers)

I like to study and I do like to find out new perhaps that’s why my dream is to become culinary teacher in institute or culinary academy. Believe it would be great experience for me in new role.


Thanks, Dmytro. And good luck with your dream!


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