David Kikillus definitely belongs to the group of the most important people of the German food scene: Read more about his exciting new project and his experiences since its opening.


Congratulations on the opening of your new fine-dining restaurant “theNOname” in the center of Berlin. How did the first month go?

We are very happy with the first couple of months, we’ve had happy guests and our first award of 8 pans from Gusto and 15 Gault Millau points, which is fantastic.

theNOname seeks to swim against the current in Berlin. How do you manage that, what is the culinary orientation?

Well, we’re not regional radicals for example, but more open-minded. That means only the BEST products and if they come from Japan, Brittany or Iceland so be it. Like I’ve said, my aim is to give the guest a culinary journey with the best foods on offer that you can’t find at home.

A paper wrote that you had “Uncompromisingly excellent dishes”. Which dish describes that the best?

I think my Carabinero with fermented asparagus, chicken essence, yuzu and dill describes that the best.



How do you feel as a Dortmunder in Berlin?

Like a Dortmunder in Berlin…😉It never mattered where in the world I’ve worked, I was always a Dortmund guy and always will be. I love my city.

The Berlin Gastro Market is very competitive. How does one survive in such a market?

With the best performance I can personally muster, day after day. The rest is up to the guests. 😉


After only seven months of opening the restaurant “Kikillus” in Dortmund you received your first Michelin Star. Do you have similar ambitions for theNOname?

Of course! An aim is definitely to get a star again.


The “theNOname” is the first of more operations of the group “The Knast” GmbH Co. KG. What else is under this umbrella?

We are opening a design Hotel with fine-dining and a large events department in 2020.


A special experience in theNOname is the “secret table”. What is that about?

Yea, it’s a very elegant room with the highest-quality equipment, and I am personally at the table with each course.


According to the Allgemeine Hotel und Gaststätten Zeitung, “The bad boy is back in the kitchen”. Where does this image stem from?

I was waiting for that, ha ha…😎 What can I say, the press just needs something to write. I have to say, if I’m the “bad boy” for them, that’s just fine. In all honesty, I am a chef and not a pop star, so people should just judge what I do and that’s cooking.👨‍🍳 But yea, perhaps I’m not as well-adjusted as some others.


You completed your apprenticeship in the former Hotel Römischer Kaiser in Dortmund. How important for you was the classic style apprenticeship for you there?

It was extremely important for me, because there I learned how to handle foods with respect and of course the classical techniques. With that, I was able to build on my own cuisine with excellence.


Afterwards, you traveled the world as a chef: Sous Chef under the South Tyrol 2-Star Michelin Chef Paul Schrott in the 5-Star Hotel Weisses Rössl in Kitzbühel and with Nelson Müller in the gourmet restaurant Schote in Essen, as well as abroad in Greece, Ukraine and Dubai… Have you arrived in Berlin with more inner peace and tons of experience?

Oh definitely, I have developed and learned so many new things. And yes, at an appropriate age you become a bit calmer and more seasoned…😎


The Michelin-Star awarded restaurant Kikillus in Dortmund had to shut its doors due to economic reasons. What did you take away from that time?

Definitely in the future, read the fine print in contracts much more closely…😂


In “theNOname” you create a new menu every six to eight weeks. That is quite a challenge for you and your kitchen team. How do you and your team manage to do it in such a short amount of time?

That is actually quite easy. Together with my team, we are highly motivated to develop our kitchen on a daily basis. So every day we come up with experimental things, document them, and hopefully add them to a large group of new dishes.

Do you have some local partnerships?

Yes, we work together with the Markthalle 9 and have a local Shizo purveyor. We also get our oils from a local producer.


Thank you for the time David and we wish you the best for the future. Cheers to the next star!

“theNOname” is located in a historic building from 1905 at the front of the Heckmannhöfe. In the summer guests can enjoy the very large patio. From there you can enjoy the vibrant life of the Oranienburger street. Inside you find opulent stucco and generous 5-meter high ceilings in combination with original modern elements, creating a visually stunning mix. Would you like to be a part of the team? Discover more here „theNOname“: https://the-noname.de/restaurant