The list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants has announced that the owner and Mexican chef Daniela Soto-Innes of the restaurant Cosme in Manhattan will be the elit ™ Vodka World’s Best Female Chef 2019, next June 25 in Singapore.


«It is a great pleasure to award this recognition to chef Daniela», says William Drew, group list editor. He acknowledges that she puts great energy for her projects and that she has done a great job with the creation of her women’s team of all ages. «In Cosme, she combines innovative Mexican dishes with warm hospitality, leads a dynamic team with which she achieves enormous success and fame in the New York gastronomic scene, where competition is fierce. Without a doubt, her immense talent deserves this award».


This distinction aims to make the female figure visible in the gastronomic field and, at the same time, become a way to motivate the young generations of women to reach the highest point of their career.


Up to now, 21 women from 15 countries have received the Best Female Chef award. Last year, the Irish Clare Smyth, from the Core restaurant in London, was awarded with two Michelin stars.Besides, she was head chef of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant.


The voting is in charge of the world group list, which is composed of 500 gastronomic cooks and writers, that is, 50% of the voters of the academy.



Portrait of a chef

Daniela is Mexican, although she lives in the United States since she was 12 years old. She went there in order to pursue her passion in sports and swimming. However, the direction of her life changed for gastronomy. She is passionate about Mexican cuisine and began to train at a young age in her native country. And there is where she started working with famous chef Enrique Olvera in his restaurant Pujol, in 2014.


When she decides to return to New York, chef Olvero proposes that she run his restaurant Cosme, which was going to open soon in that city. The following year, she became chef and partner of the restaurant and that’s when her career began to rise. She was designated the three stars of the New York Times, a StarChefs Rising Stars Award and the James Beard Award for Rising Star Chef.


In 2017, Cosme also enters to the list of the 50 best and in the same year, together in partnership with Enrique, they opened their next project, Atla, also in New York. And it seems that this is a great moment because at the end of this year, they are planning to open two more locations in Los Angeles.