Daniel Salvador, Spanish Head Chef and private Chef in London for many years. Read his story here.


You are an Experienced Chef with a demonstrated history in several Michelin starred restaurants in Spain and lot’s of different chef functions in London. You kept this passion for being a chef for so many years. Where does your passion for cooking comes from?

I start to cooking when I was 12 and since then my passion comes from the willing to learn more, to try new things, to try to do new things and there is where my supper club takes special importance.


How would you describe your culinary line today?

I do what I love, and being private chef give me the opportunity to cook different styles of cooking every week.


Which cooking school did you visit in Spain?

I studied in EUHT de Sant pol de Mar, just an hour driving from Barcelona.


Early in your chef career you started to work for several Michelin Star restaurants in Spain. What made this experience so special for you?

It was the opportunity to work with some of the best chefs in Spain and also the opportunity to be creative and not only learn traditional cooking.


One of this Michelin Star restaurant did belong to the Relais & Châteaux organisation. Apart from the star; what made a Relais & Châteaux restaurant special?

Actually few of them belong to Relais Châteaux, I think both guides represent the best of the best, not only on the installations and location, also in the food that you can find on them.


In 2008 you left Spain and started to work at the famous Harrods in charge for a Spanish food operator, followed by your work as Head chef and owner of Naked Nosh; your own Mediterranean catering company in London. Certainly, a though time to survey in London. You did it well for serval years. What was your secret of success?

Hard working and taking all the opportunities you find on your way, as I say : I don’t know if the next project it will work or not, but you don’t loose anything trying.


Today you work as a freelance chef for different catering companies, weddings, filming catering and different events. What’s the best to work as Freelance Chef?

The freedom , every job is completely different from the previous one, yesterday I was cooking for Netflix, Saturday I am doing a private job in a house, BBQ for 70 people and next week I am helping on a wedding. Every day is different and gives me the chance to try new things. I love people challenge me, keeps me awake.


Apart from your work as Freelance Chef, you also Also run a Supper club, called Dani Supper club, what’s the concept behind?

Dani supper club was born on 2013 with two ideas, first give me the possibility to try new dishes and have the direct feedback from the people to use this dishes on my private events, and second one try to do something I never did before, the last one was a vegan supper club, so I had the posssibility to learn vegan dishes, the previous one to do my own cheeses, or fresh pasta in the previous one. Every new supper club give me the opportunity to play with a new ingredient or technique , next one will be based on Chocolate.


You do also work as private chef in London. What is your culinary set up / specialisation?

I do Mediterranean cuisine , but I am always open to any suggestions . Also in summer I do a service of Paellas as an option to the regular BBQs.


Can you share some of your latest creations/ recipes with us?

I bought at the beginning of the summer a smoker for my garden so I have been creating few new dishes with it. Smoked duck breast and watermelon salad with orange dressing or Lavender smoked salmon, grill pineapple salad with sweet chilli dressing.


If you would open your own small restaurant in London these days; what would be the culinary direction?

Definitely Mediterranean modern cuisine , but I dont think I will go for a Restaurant, I love to be a private chef.


What are some of the latest trends you overserve at London’s culinary scene?

The people are moving a lot to healthy and organic meals, some restaurant the have their own vegetable gardens. I think the future is to recover the pure flavours.


Even it is not the case; if you would have time to come up with a chef book, what be your topic?

I wrote 3 years ago a book but only for my family called : My first cooking book, Supper club. Where I wrote the recipes of my first supper clubs. I am also keeping information to one day write my own book in the future, based on home growing and using this ingredients. I am obsess to try everything myself, so I grow and do my own herbal teas, salads, flowers, vegetables and fruits. As I said , is all about learning .


Daniel Salvador thank you for your time.