Cris Sanchez about keeping it organic, fresh and local.

Buenos Aires born Executive Chef with CIA Culinary education working today in Texas, USA at J.Macklins Grill. Executive Chef Cris became a television personality, Food Scientist and author of DIG & BREED PROGRAM. Executive Chef Cris won the reality cooking show CTK AND Iron Fork. Executive Chef Cris is the Host of The Mad Scientist Show.

Born in Argentine Executive Chef Cris has Spanish, Italian and German roots, which still influence his todays style of modern cooking.

Due to his mother and grandmothers early involvement in the kitchen, Executive Chef Cris he joined the culinary business already at a age of 14.

He studied at The Culinary Institute of America Hyde Park in New York. His culinary concept is based on the strong believe that good dished must include a pinch of your background, a smidgeon of new experiences learned and finally above all, it need to have a Soul.

Executive Chef Cris, basic is to keep cooking fresh, organic and local. That’s way Executive Chef Cris has a strong cooperation with local farmers.

Furthermore Executive Chef Cris believes that culinary expertise can neither be taught nor be read in cooking books; it need to be lived.

Modern Cuisine

Two recipes: Hen of the wood and blood purée and potato crisps with anise and chocolate

Here’s one you’ll never cook . . .😁

Hen of the wood and blood purée

  • 1300-400g hen-of-the-wood mushrooms
  • Grapeseed oil, for sautéing
  • 275g fresh pig’s blood
  • 25g chicken glace
  • 25g cream
  • 75g mineral water
  • 2g caraway seeds
  • 13g apple cider vinegar
  • 245g lingonberries
  • 40-50 leaves wood sorrel
  • 16-20 lingonberries, to finish
  • Cold-pressed rapeseed oil

1 Leave the mushrooms in the refrigerator for 10 days to allow to dry out. Brush free of dirt and sauté in the grapeseed oil briefly at high heat to release the flavour of roast chicken, which gives this mushroom its name. Add a piece of butter and season with salt.

2 Process the blood in a Thermomix at 85C for 5 minutes. Warm up the chicken glace, cream and water and add to the blood. Pass the mixture through a sieve and season to taste with the caraway, salt and vinegar.

3 Press the berries through a cloth to obtain the juice. Season with sugar to taste. Rinse and dry the sorrel leaves and keep cool.

4 Heat the blood purée slightly and place a pool of it in the middle of the plate. Warm the lingonberry juice with a few tablespoons of rapeseed oil and pour it around the purée. Add the mushrooms, berries and finally the wood sorrel.

. . . and here’s one you just might😁

Potato crisps with anise and chocolate

  • 2 Bintje potatoes
  • 800ml grapeseed oil
  • 400g couverture chocolate
  • 20g powdered cocoa butter
  • 4g green anise seeds
  • 4g fennel seeds

1 Peel the potatoes and slice them finely into cold water. Leave the slices in the cold water until the starch has rinsed out and then pat dry. Heat the oil carefully in a deep fryer to approximately 170C/340F and fry the potatoes until crisp. Cool on grease-absorbent paper.

2 Covering and serving: melt the chocolate and cocoa butter and bring to 50C/120F. Temper it to 27C/80F, and then increase the temperature back up to 30C/85F. Pull the potatoes through the tempered chocolate to cover them completely, then cool on a tray. Sprinkle the anise and fennel seeds over the potatoes before they have cooled completely.