Coffee tonic is a new way to drink an espresso combined with tonic water and ice. As a barista told me, It is like choosing between drinking Coke or, a sparkling coffee!


The flavors are aromatic, with a slight bitterness and a sparkling touch, at the same time. You want to drink it one sip at a time and have a good conversation, in any coffee shop in Madrid, Buenos Aires, or New York, or wherever it is summer.


To prepare it, he serves hot coffee little by little, on the tonic and the ice, it is a delight to see the thermal shock and the frozen smoke that is emitting. The brownish color of the coffee makes contrast with the transparent of the tonic and reminds in its aspect, a type of whiskey in the rocks, which makes it more interesting. To drink it, you just have to stir and done.


The tonic coffee besides being refreshing, It is also very Instagrammable and this helped it to grow in popularity. It was born in Koppi, a micro coffee toaster in Helsingborg, Sweden, back in 2007.


Like many things in life, the history of the recipe happened by chance. Just like one of the founders of Koppi Anne Lunell indicated that her colleague prepared coffee the day after of a party and some tonic was left. And guess what happened …?


To conclude, I want to give you some suggestions based on my experience. Coffee tonic is incredible if tonic water is made of natural ingredients, It’s quite fantastic with a specialty coffee. My favorite coffee tonic is the one with tonic water “Le tribute” made with natural quinine from the Loja and specialty coffee from Rwanda.


Would you dare to try it or prepare it at home?