It is the 8th edition of the “Sunday supper” at the Union Market gourmet food court, which is being held to raise funds for the Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program by the James Beard Foundation.


This program tries to break the glass ceiling that women have in gastronomy, promote their empowerment and generate their self-confidence. Therefore, the funds raised will serve to support the career of future female chefs and owners who seek to invest in the growth of their businesses.


The event will feature renowned chefs such as Mary Sue Milliken of the Border Grill Restaurants, Los Angeles, winner of the James Beard Foundation Award and the Julia Child Award. Besides, she received the prize of Women in Culinary Leadership award, a recognition of her career in the hospitality sector.


The host of the evening will be chef Pati Jinich from the restaurant “Pati’s Mexican Table”, recipe writer and winner of the James Beard Foundation Award.


In addition, it offers a quick look at the talented chefs who will soon open a store in the modern latin market “La Cosecha”, scheduled for its inauguration, in September. Some of them are:


  • Juan Manuel Barrientos, from the restaurant ElCielo, Miami-Bógota-Medellín
  • Sebastián Quiroga, from Ali Pacha restaurant, La Paz
  • Christian Irabien, from the restaurant Amparo Fondita, Washington D.C
  • Gina Chersevani, from the Buffalo & Bergen restaurant, D.C
  • Camila Arango, from the restaurant Pluma, D.C
  • Victoria Lai, from the restaurant Ice Cream Jubilee, D.C
  • Tifanny Macisaac, from the bakery Buttercream Bakeshop, D.C
  • Paola Velez, from the bakery Kith / Kin, D.C


  • And other chefs, who are former students of the program that is being supported in this event.
  • Violeta Edelman, from Dolcezza restaurant
  • Fiona Lewis, from the District Fishwife restaurant
  • Daniella Senior, from the Colada Shop restaurant
  • Suzanne Simon, from the Chaia restaurant.


The meeting is on Sunday, June 2, at 5pm in “La Cosecha”, in Washington D.C.

Where can you get the tickets?

Cost per person is 275 dollars.