Robert Stolz (Eat.Share.Live) has pretty much achieved everything a Chef can dream of: He has stood behind the best stoves Germany has to offer, lead his own award-winning Michelin star restaurant “Restaurant Stolz” and until recently Executive Chef in the Grand Hotel “Four Seasons” in Hamburg.


Now Robert wants to get back to his roots and give his strengths room to soar: back to heavily simplified, sustainable, maximally creative and regional cuisine. Drawing on nature and above all else, getting back to the guest directly in dialogue together with his delights concept “”, because at the end of it all, what gives him his meaning is to make people happy through his creativity and set up momentous evenings for his guests.

However, the happiness and enjoyment from this new dinner undertaking doesn’t stem from just the food but comes even more so from conversation, music, presentations from other creative people from the region, and art- All these wonderful and beautiful things to share and experience with one another. – Starts in November 2018

Starting November 2018, for three nights a week, he will be offering an exclusive table for twelve for a delicious menu in the private Plöner dining room with “”- and Robert is right there in the middle with his stove!

A deliberate time-out from a restaurant closing, hotel kitchen-launch and an all-around life drought led Robert to focus on his guiding principle: “promote your strengths” – Passion, creativity and forging the happiest evenings for people – and follow those principles! Everything worked, and now… onwards to five questions.


Michelin star Chef Robert Stolz and his “Culinary Delights” concept


Robert, so since the first enjoyment-laden evenings have come to pass, what are your initial impressions at these early stages with your new project

Although I serve the same menu and drinks, and the ambience is the same, the energy of the guests is so different from evening to evening. It’s amazing to see the energy with different groups sitting at a large oak table, it ranges from quiet atmosphere to gregarious fare.

It’s really great to see that my food and menus are a catalyst to such wonderful times. The guests often leave the table to visit the kitchen with some helping me serve the food.

I just want to throw a kitchen party with the guests every night. We’ll see how often that happens, I can only influence that to a point, the rest depends on the guests.

What is special about

The unobstructed connection to the kitchen. There are almost no hints of a professional kitchen, instead we have for example cozy bookshelves, a normal oven, a feeling as if you were sitting in your kitchen a home.

Ultimately it should be like that. This is my dining room and my private kitchen. I want to share the experience of good food WITH my guests in an awesome atmosphere!


The customer as a guest in a feel-good atmosphere instead of just a number in a restaurant – How vital was this approach?

The idea behind that approach came during the conversion of a restaurant to a living space, when brothers and architects encouraged me to cook and then then enjoy it together at a table as one.

From that gesture I based the my concept of The timing was right and I felt everything was in line. I feel so creative at the high point of my career and have tailor-fit this concept just for me.

An open kitchen naturally invites people looking over your shoulder and also the chance to exchange ideas with your guests. How do those first conversations go? What are the questions that you are asked?

I know that with an open kitchen I am not just a Chef, but an entertainer and a psychologist. It’s a lot of fun for me to design and direct an evening with my menu and edge it in the right direction.

When the guests arrive, I greet them at the kitchen block with an aperitif. Well received are my three homemade juices- blackberry, cranberry and carrot- sea buckthorn – but also the Scheurebensekt von Nüsslein from Franconia.

There is nice small-talk about the concept and other topics. Sometimes I am asked where I get the ideas for my dishes, where I acquire the ingredients or the details of my preparation. They sometimes ask if I do everything on my own or inquire into how much time is needed. There are also other questions such as what we do with the rose garden or if we have outdoor seating in the summer.


Creative cuisine with the utmost possible regional ingredients- a concept that pops up frequently of late. What are your aspirations with – both culinary and personal?

I have been buying regionally for a long while now and live by the seasons. I love the feeling of this rhythm, and couldn’t imagine anything else.

I cook things that are representative of who I am. That is my life. Now I’m letting others experience all of that directly. It’s wonderful and makes me so happy.


Thank you so much, Robert! We wish you many more entertaining and enjoyable moments with!


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