Chef-Owner Emmanuel Stroobant of two Michelin-starred Saint Pierre in Singapore has come up with a fantastic idea: Virtual Saint Pierre – possibly the world’s first fine dining social-distancing party for guests missing a taste of luxury at home. This creative and fun idea also provides another opportunity for chefs to keep business going in these challenging times.
“Trying times like what we are experiencing right now have only spurred us further to be more innovative with our approach to dining. Virtual Saint Pierre is our way of bringing friends and families from different parts of Singapore together, bonded by a shared love of fine cuisine and sparkling conversation,” says Emmanuel.

Virtual Saint Pierre, which launches today, includes a hand-delivered omakase (the Japanese tradition in which the guest leaves the choice of what he or she will eat up to the chef) meal presented in a bento box to each diner’s home.
To start the digital party, diners enter a virtual room on Zoom, using a link provided to them along with their meal. Once all guests have gathered, Chef Emmanuel joins online, introducing diners to the menu and explaining each dish. The party then continues at the guests’ leisure.

The menu takes inspiration from a 26-course menu of light, starter-sized dishes that Chef Emmanuel created in 2017, but instead of a course-by-course journey, Virtual Saint Pierre consists of eight dishes presented in a premium bento box of amuse-bouche, starters, mains and desserts. Emmanuel says he has maintained his emphasis on the quality and seasonality of ingredients in order to give an experience as elegant and high-end as if guests were dining in the restaurant.


The dining experience is limited to between 15 and 30 diners, and a 5-day advanced notice is required.


For every group that signs up, the restaurant will purchase a Coronavirus Prevention Care Packet (CPCP) from Project Chulia Street, which supports migrant workers in Singapore who are affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Saint Pierre will also donate 100 specially prepared meals to frontline healthcare workers every week until Singapore’s “circuit breaker” measures are lifted.