The indispensability of a catering supplier

They are indispensable for the ongoing operation of any good catering business. Delivering fresh goods of the highest quality – locally, regionally, nationally, internationally. Some rely on short ways, others are using a forwarding agency to ensure reliable deliveries outside their region. Some rely on organic farming, some emphasize the non-genetic engineering feeding of their animals, others score with uniqueness, convince with delicacies or promise the freshest goods in their region. The diversity knows no limits just like cooking. Catering suppliers provide the products and ingredients with which the chef practices his craft, reviving his passion.
It is important for the customers to be able to rely on their suppliers. The business relationship is characterized by trust and one should convince in terms of quality and freshness of the goods.

Requirement from the customer

  • Quality of the goods of the catering supplier
  • Reliability and punctual delivery
  • Freshness and speed

There are many customers. All are supplied from the small café on the corner over the favorite Italian in the city to the restaurant area of a large hotel chain. Gastronomy and cooking are always searching for that certain something – specially made with love goat cheese from the family business, a variety of mushroom varieties from the breed in the cellar or the handmade lemonade. Your products are in demand!

Cook Concern’s mission is to bring the customer and supplier side closer together. Today´s gastronomy is constantly changing and happy about any news in the cooking area. Menus are always peppered with seasonal offerings. One would like to stand out. The matching ingredients are obtained through the suppliers of his trust.

Are you a catering supplier?

Use the area specially created for you. Present yourself from your best side and use our reach to attract attention. Restaurateurs, professional, rental and hobby chef will thank you. Your profile can be wonderfully designed – from describing your business and product to visual presentation through meaningful photos of the product and also of your team to depositing your contact information.

Outlook Cook Concern and Catering Suppliers

Our ambition is to expand the network around this essential interface catering supplier. In the further course we would like to implement further functions as well – for example follows a “ask for-offer-marketplace” in which every single user – be it a restaurant or a cook – can submit his request and thus make the search for the right supplier more effective. Likewise, of course, the side of suppliers can post their offers.

In addition, catering suppliers will provide the necessary inspiration in the kitchen in addition to our numerous blog posts.

Maximum range

Cook Concern is in strong growth. All began with professional chefs and catering companies. Now also franchise companies, food trucks and catering property owners are present. This is followed by the feature of ​​catering suppliers, another essential component that serves to significantly improve the scope and functionality of the network. With the possible presentation as a supplier, you will be heard by your target group.

Strong facebook community

Every new user basically has the opportunity to discover our social media channels. We are happy to compose blog posts for you as a unique supplier and report about them via our channels. You have the advantage that on the one hand you can design your company profile and product portfolio even better, and on the the other one you also benefit from our reach. We would like to introduce you as a catering supplier to our community.

How do I present myself as a catering supplier?

The steps that will take you to the completion of your individual profile are made quickly.

The first thing you need to do is register – if you are already a registered user, you can of course log in conveniently and start from your usual home page.

This is followed by the actual setup of your ad. Write about yourself in detail – who you are, what you offer, what you stand for. To do this, upload a large number of photos that literally show the viewer your qualities and guiding principles. Last but not least, leave your contact details or your contact person.

Once the profile is designed, unlock it. For one year, you pay only € 119.00 including VAT. That’s less than € 10.00 per month for a range of currently over 16,200 users – and rising. These are not some users, but the ones who process, appreciate and love your products and conjure up delicious dishes. It is also advantageous here that no notice period exists. Rather, you will conveniently receive a reminder email from us about 14 days before the expiration of your ad.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Cost less than € 10.00 per month
  • 12 months duration without automatic renewal
  • no notice period on the part of the catering supplier
  • Cook Concern as a subject-specific portal
  • Offers land with the right target group
  • growing facebook communtiy and associated reach

Contact to Cook Concern

We are also happy to help with the first setup of your ad. We know what convinces your customers and together we will create a meaningful, individual profile that will suit your company and product. Help us to help you!

Convince yourself. For questions and feedback we stand by your side. Do not be shy and contact us via email, phone or live chat.